Fuck some Cheeseburgers

June 14, 2020 - Site News

If you haven’t been paying much attention and you’re seeing this for the very first time, it means you’ve either stumbled upon the website by accident which in turn is cool, or you’ve been granted access by myself, Adam, or one of the many fine loudmouths here at HatchetRadio (Probably Myself). It is ABSOLUTELY OK that you are here right now admiring our work.. Seriously, as much as Adam gripes to me about you being here, it’s ok.. He kinda likes showing off without directly showing off. He’s got big muscles ya’ll he can’t help himself. But we the admin staff here at HatchetRadio ask that you refrain from posting comments, or messing with things you’re not supposed to (Changing Themes Etc) because some things do not work, and you can back your acct. into a corner by accident. So, Do not mess with any settings, do not post any comments, compliments can be sent in PM for the time being. Adam and Myself tend to throw things in 100 different places, so you will see rearrangements. If you liked it and it got changed, sorry. Me and Adam probably talked about it, gave it 5 minutes, moved forward. That’s our process. Again this is our baby. Feel free though to tune in and listen to music, or play the games or whatever. those are fine. just don’t post shit.

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