Sex You Getting You don’t Want

June 14, 2020 - Site News

Welcome to HatchetRadio’s NEW 2020 layout. Ya you would think we would come out swinging in January with some dope ass layout. Adam wanted to.. I have a chemical imbalance so I don’t know what I want half the time. Hello Ya’ll This is your Main Dookie Stain Rick O coming back at you live with HatchetRadio 2020. A brand new take on an old ass website. Did you know as of this year HatchetRadio Graduated High School and got a Diploma. Yes kids, 2 years ago, it got it’s license to drive, now it’s off to go to college. Oh how kids grow up these days. Well Wanted to touch base, There’s more coming, Trust us we’re not done, The Radio is online and active, Forums work, Realm Chat works, Anything that doesn’t work is labled “Coming Soon” cuz it is… down your moms cleavage – Rick O OUT!

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