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June 15, 2020 - Site News

So, as you can tell there’s a complete and new model of HatchetRadio 2020. There’s some sanding around the rough edges to do but we wanted to get this done on the weekend so that way we could open it back up and have a seamless transition into the new layout. Doesn’t always happen and sometimes you make due with what you have. But we have decided to change a few things around around. We’re going to start covering news other than music. We’re gonna start covering a variety of events like Wrestling, Gaming, RPGs, Nerd Culture. The reason being? Well, all of us here either play video games, or Dungeons & Dragons, watch wrestling, something of the sorts. I keep up with that personally. HatchetRadio was never designed to be just a radio station. We had a chatroom, an old school arcade for years on the website, and a few other things. We wanna get BACK into that. So I’m going to make it a habit to post something new and interesting daily. Just so you guys have something fresh to read daily. Today.. Well that’s this article! I was asked why do we not cover politics on the website? Simple.. Political posts are a slippery slope, much like religious posts, they are used a great deal to bait arguments. We here at HatchetRadio DO follow politics, we DO have a political talk show called “The Booth” with Sinista1 Keith Hayes as the host, but it’s a liberal talk show, which isn’t everyones taste (Especially not mine I’m a traditional conservative, party wise), So we told each other since we come from all walks of life HatchetRadio will be a sanctuary for those who don’t want to deal with the geopolitical climate on the website and on the forums as well as our original Killers Mix Station. The Booth Station is actually part of a syndicated network between Whoobazoo Radio & HatchetRadio. They handled sports radio, talk radio, politics. If you want a good political show. Tuesday @ 7pm The Booth will be right up your ally. Sinista1 and others including myself from time to time will get on there and talk real world events that happened that week, Joke on World Leaders, and talk about everything that needs to be put on the table for those who can handle that discussion, trust me.. It’s not for everyone, and you would think that Rick O & Sinista1 were mortal enemies.. but in reality. Keiths got photos of us hugging at a Horse Farm in New Hampshire. We’re really tight with each other. That’s the point of being an adult, and being an American. Agreeing to disagree, and still going on later on that night and playing games or talking shop with one of your boys. Other Shows are coming trust me, we have A LOT in store here @ HatchetRadio. I wanna give a big shoutout RQ to everyone who’s supported us over the past 18 years. Thank you.. We’re moving forward faster. <3 Rick O

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