Sometimes Ya Gotta Wrassle

June 15, 2020 - Indies

A couple of matches added from our big homey from the Rock and Roll Express Ricky Morton. We have a couple of cards to take a look at below for all you folks out there who enjoy a little bit of wrestling especially creeping out of your caves from the COVID-19 Scare of 2020.

Looks as if in one card we got Kerry Morton the 3rd Generation wrestling star (Grandson of Ricky Morton) vs Brian Pillman Jr. (Son of Flyin’ Brian Pillman) and then Rock and Roll Express is having a super card fight against a mystery tag team. For those who haven’t been under a rock lately, The Rock and Roll Express just recently held the NWA Tag Team Titles until losing them against the team of James Storm Eli Drake. Hit up the venues for Tickets.  I love wrestling!

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