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June 16, 2020 - Site News

The Booth Notes – Jun. 16, 2020
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News Booth
BOSTON – In the last couple of days, many viewers have reached out to WBZ and WSBK regarding comments made by Phantom Gourmet CEO Dave Andelman.
Andelman co-hosts Phantom Gourmet, which airs on both stations. He recently posted several comments on social media regarding protests after the death of George Floyd.
On Saturday Andelman apologized, writing, “I want to apologize. I maintain my own Facebook Page. I made comments on that page that were inappropriate, hurtful, and wrong regarding the Boston protests. (www.boston.cbslocal.com)
NEW JERSEY – Two men found themselves in trouble after their racist actions were caught on film during a George Floyd BLM Rolling Rally… The men were seen with their “Trump 2020” & “All Lives Matter” signs while one man was lying down as the other knelt on top of him… The man employed by Fed Ex lost his job while the man who was a corrections officer for the state was suspended and his union was appalled. (www.cnn.com)
BATON ROUGE – Baton Rouge man ‘tortured, burned and killed his girlfriend’s baby’ at Motel 6 in scene so horrible police couldn’t look… Mother was also arrested for not reporting previous abuses… (www.knews.com)
Legal Booth
WASHINGTON DC – Supreme Court rules workers can’t be fired for being gay or transgender Neil Gorsuch & Brett Kavanaugh (President Trump appointees) led this opinion & decision… So we have to give credit where credit is due to these guys who are putting their views and opinions aside and operating under the law as it pertains. (www.cnbc.com)
Entertainment Booth
WORLD – It’s now official Xbox & Sony have revealed their next gen consoles… The Xbox Series X & Playstation 5! Sony came out the gate with some of their exclusive titles last week including “Marvel’s Spider-Man… Miles Morales” (www.xbox.com & www.playstation.com)
WORLD – EA released a trailer for the latest addition to the Star Wars game franchise… “Star Wars Squadrons” takes a mode from the popular “Star Wars: Battlefront” series and gives gamers a storyline and online multiplayer competition. (www.ea.com)
NEW YORK – Looney Tunes on HBO CENSORED!!!Paw Patrol was NOT CANCELLED!!! HBO Max pulls ‘Gone with the Wind’ over racist depictions but says it will return… The streaming service announced it’s removing the 1939 film for its depiction of black people and slavery but plans to re-introduce it with more context. (www.today.com)
LOS ANGELES & PHILADELPHIA – Entertainment Studios Networks and Comcast today announced they have entered into a content carriage arrangement that extends and amends terms for The Weather Channel and 14 broadcast television stations with Media Mogul Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios who withdrew his 20B lawsuit.
NEW YORK – Matt James, a former Wake Forest wide receiver, was named last Friday as the next star for ABC’s reality series “The Bachelor.”
He’ll be the first black man to star in the role in the show’s history. James, from Raleigh, North Carolina, caught 40 passes for 401 yards in 2014, his final season with the Demon Deacons. One of James’ teammates at Wake, former quarterback Tyler Cameron, was the runner-up on “The Bachelorette” last year. The New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers both brought James in for tryouts during minicamps after he went undrafted in 2015, but he didn’t catch on with either team. (www.espn.com)
Sports Booth
BOSTON – Sinista1 joined the guys of Late Night Sports John Mueller, Matt Nelson & Andrew Roy to talk about his UFC Mt. Rushmore for MMA fighters, and won the Twitter Poll for his draft with 66% of the vote. (Late Night Sports on YouTube)
NEW YORK – NFL insider suggests that owners are waiting on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones before speaking out on social justice issues. (www.insider.com)
NEW YORK – NASCAR making BIG changes in the past two months… Kyle Larson of Ganassi Racing was fired for using a racial slur during a race, driver Bubba Wallace drove his BLM car for his 1st time in 72, and just hours after his running NASCAR banned the use of the Confederate flag at their events & drew praise from some of the biggest name drivers including Dale Jr. (www.today.com)
Trump Troubles Booth
WASHINGTON – The Trump administration on Friday finalized a regulation that defines gender as a person’s biological sex, reversing an Obama-era rule aimed at protecting transgender people against sex discrimination in health care. The Health and Human Services Department regulation says essentially that “gender identity” is not protected under federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in health care. (www.washingtontimes.com)
WASHINGTON – The Democratic Party unleashes a campaign video called “Descent” just days before President Trump is to hold his rally in Tulsa Oklahoma on Saturday.
WASHINGTON – “Obamagate” backfires after new documents reveal that President Obama & Joe Biden had acted accordingly.
WASHINGTION – The Pentagon’s top general apologized on Thursday for appearing alongside President Trump near the White House after authorities forcibly removed peaceful protesters from the area, saying that it “was a mistake that I have learned from.” Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made the remarks in a prerecorded graduation speech to students at the National Defense University. He has been roundly criticized for thrusting the military into politics by walking alongside the president on June 1 as Trump traveled on foot to a nearby church that had been damaged during protests following the police killing of George Floyd. Milley advised the students that it is important to keep “a keen sense of situational awareness” and that he had failed to do so as he walked from Lafayette Square in combat fatigues alongside the president, Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper and other senior advisers. (www.washingtonpost.com)
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