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June 20, 2020 - Site News

What up HatchetRadio! It’s your man with no plan, but a ticket to Japan, Rick O coming at you guys live with no Saturday purpose other than to tell you.. Sup and drop a few lines. Want to thank all the folks involved here over @ HatchetRadio from the staff to the fans. I think you guys deserve a ton of credit for pushing us. This layout is one of the fresher looking ones we’ve had in the longest, and the content is there. We’re adding more and more shows as you can see the layout has changed a bit here and there over the past week with a few extra options to the Menu. So I want to go over those really quick just for definition since we have some time to kill.

-I Thought HatchetRadio was a Juggalo Station Whats with this bullshit playing?
Oh God this one again… We are not a Juggalo Radio Station. Never Were. We are a Indie/Horrorcore/Underground Radio Station.. We play music.. We all at one time were Juggalo DJ’s (Except Sinista1 he missed that phase of life), we promote artists. we play artists. If you hear mainstream music on HatchetRadio.. maybe it’s because our music is legit now. Ya.. It’s kinda like 20-30 years old you know? We evolved as did our sounds and music selection. I’m 40 years old.. If you think MNE & Psyhchopathic is all we listen to you’re REALLY bent. So yes.. we added new streams.. with the old shit. So here we go to define things again for you who don’t wanna try things out on your own..
*Killers Mix IS YOUR MIX OF Horrorcore and other music together
*The Booth is WhoobazooRadio’s show exclusively on HatchetRadio.
*KWTFGO is HatchetRadio’s SUPER mix Station… No Telling what you might hear.
*MegaMix is a Mix of ALL Genres.. Might hear horrorcore, might hear Polka, Might hear Country WHO KNOWS. It’s popular apparently and we’re not taking it down.
*Classic Rock Station.. Who doesn’t like Classic Rock.. Oh wait Internet babies like you. Troll elsewhere swine!

– What’s with the live stream shows?
Simple answer? We’re catching up to the rest of the world. For the longest HR became a front runner when it came to technology and mixing it with the news. Well We got fat dumb and lazy and the world kind of caught up to us quickly. So we’re reiterating the fact that we need live content so the live stream shows from Sinista1, Arthane, and myself are going to be something that’s new to us too and fun.

-Why can’t we get into JuggaloIRC anymore? Is it ever coming back?

With that antiquated piece of Technology that’s older than some of your parents, who knows? Stewieh currently owns it, if he decides to bring it back up on his own, we’ll post about it, but the chances are very slim we’ll ever actually add it back to HatchetRadio as a permanent fixture again. There’s a ton of reasons NOT to, 1 of them of course is the fact that the IRC system is getting close to 30 years old, the other is the fact that nobody really hangs out in chatrooms anymore. Everything has it’s own chat built into it, whether it’s a social network website or even something so super simple as a damned video game. So it’s hard for me to sell the others on a piece of technology we just took off the website that’s antiquated, and tends to be a focal point of drama whenever it does come around (Me included, my social anxiety disorder tends to shine in chatrooms), So for the most part after 20 years of Adam begging and pleading with me, We decided to put the forums up as a good portal for you all to enjoy, and the Realm Chat for those who need a little bit of adventure in your life.

-What is Realm Chat?

Uh…. If you’ve got a Windows 7, 8, or 10 PC that’s 12 years or newer Download it, you’ll figure it out on your own. It’s fun, it truly really is, expect the unexpected out of that chat, it’s a literal madhouse, shit talking accepted, if you wanna go in there and murk a whole bunch of other people you seriously can. You wanna form teams, you wanna have high adventure or sit around in zones and do nothing all day except pick wallflowers, you can. I gave it a try, fucking loved it, got addicted to it. I’m on it daily. So.. I can’t go much more into detail about it you’re just gonna have to try it out.

My favorite DJ is no longer a part of this station, Is there any way I can find them?

Honestly, we probably don’t know either to be honest. Over 20 years we’ve had a course of 150+ staff members come and go. In the beginning, Adam, Trey and myself can remember names, but we had a team for hiring, a team for booking, a team for scheduling years later. So it turned into, we don’t really know who worked for us. We’ve had staff say they worked for us, and we dont’ remember and they actually did or not without having to get in contact with Leffy or Billy to ask about a person. I’m 40.. I will honestly say.. I dont’ remember. Those who kept in touch, seriously kept in touch. Some did’t and that’s life.

Are you guys hiring?

No.. We don’t hire people. We acquire people There’s a difference. HatchetRadio has always been volunteer work for a lot of folks on the way to their multi-media carees, or as a hobby because they love it. We started it with the intention of seeing how long and how far we could drive this moped.. The moped turned into a car, which turned into a truck, which evolved into a Semi.. So we’ve been driving this thing for 18 years, on really good roads, and sometimes no roads at all. Any time we feel like we have chemistry with someone, we stop and we let the door open and we pick them up and drop them off at their destination. It’s what we’ve always done and what we’ll always do. We just have to make sure that the people we pick up are like minded. Doesnt’ always happen, and isn’t always the persons fault we pick up. Sometimes you just dont get along, sometimes you’re great as friends horrible as business partners. We’ve had years to study what works for us and what does’t work for us. In 2011 we went automated because at the time we had a very reliable staff of about 11-15 people and about era, I wasn’t always “Home” so to say as I was out working with much larger networks, so in the end drama made it go fully automated, and we became a bit more selective so you gotta understand.. There’s a lot of variables on picking up a new staff member, and not just are they talened? do they have the equipment? are they available? kind of stuff we can normally ask. It’s a serious you have to sit down with us see. We’re old school.

How do I get my Music to HatchetRadio? I’m an Artist asking for a friend.

Drop us a link. There’s music submission rules on the forums. Check the forums out. Follow the rules. We’ll get them up an notify you that we did if you leave us any contact 411.

Alright now with that being said ladies and germs.. That should conclude the morning news. I’d post something about PsycopathicVault.Com having old school Merch.. but we all know it’s just reprints of the old shit. Grab it while it’s there tho.

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