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June 23, 2020 - Indie Artists

Sinista1 returns the airwaves with a vengeance this Tuesday night at 7:00 PM NY EST!

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Topics for the night…

Sinista1 thanks last week’s guest Matt Cameron of the podcast “Mattie C’s Sports for You & Me”

News Booth

BROCKTON – A 9 year old autistic child died after falling from the ninth floor of the Belair Towers. (www.enterprise.com)

YARMOUTH — White Supremacist fliers where distributed in the town of Yarmouth located in Cape Cod. Robbie Hull a resident posted a photo of the fliers left behind on his Facebook page to warn people. (www.facebook.com – Robbie Hull)

CHICAGO – 104 Shot & 14 Dead after a deadly Father’s Day weekend sparks the attention of those who are critical of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Legal Booth

SOUTH CAROLINA – Wait a minute… Did this cop just say it is “abnormal” for him to be following the law to the fullest extent under his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to open carry in the state of South Carolina? He was on public property not County property… (youtube.com/newsnowsouthcarolina)

Entertainment Booth

BOSTON – Local Director Dale Resteghini was fed up watching the injustice going on in this country and decided to come up with a film putting a major controversial spin on today’s issue… In the series “Cracka” Dale reverses the racial injustice by sending a white supremacist back into time where roles are reversed where whites are slaves. (www.allhiphop.com) & The BMG Boyz shot their video last Friday in Boston for their new single “They Don’t Care About Us” a special remix by YouTuber SWG (Single White Glove) who has the blessings from the MJ Estate to remix some of the best music in the MJ archives!!! (www.bmgrecordsinc.com)

CHANNEL ZERO – PUBLIC ENEMY – State Of The Union (STFU) featuring DJ PREMIER & Flava Flav was dropped!!!

WWE.COM – After 30 years Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker has finally retired during the final episode of “The Last Ride”… His final match against AJ Styles at the last Wrestlemaina was one of the most talked about matches of the event.

CALIFORNIA – Booth Alum Van Bates of Black Hesher has been immortalized in plastic with the release of the Black Hesher Limited Edition Figures. (www.cultmuzicmedia.com) & Netflix announces “Lucifer” will be back for Season 6! (www.netflix.com)

SEATTLE – Mixer is going bye as Microsoft will merge game streaming with Facebook gaming to compete with Twitch. (www.mixer.com)

ESPN – NCAA will not book any championship events in ANY state that has the Confederate Flag flying which would be… Mississippi. (www.espn.com)

Sports Booth

TAMPA BAY – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveil pics of TE Rob Gronkowski in their uniform. (Instagram.com)

TALLEDEGA – NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace of the 43 Car had a noose left in his garage during the delay at the raced this past weekend stoking support from a large number of drivers including Legend Richard Petty who owns the team Bubba drives for… ESPN’s Marty Smith also gave an emotional response during his interview. (www.espn.com)

Trump Troubles Booth

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court blocks Trump from ending DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program) in big win for Dreamers… Chief Justice John Roberts was the swing vote in the 5-4 decision, dealing a big legal defeat to President Trump on the issue of immigration and will allow 800K Dreamers to remain in the US. (nbcnews.com)

TULSA – TikTok Teens & K-Pop Fans registered for Trump Rally in Tulsa with no plans to go which is one of the reasons we only saw 6K people in attendance last Saturday. Chris Wallace of FOX also laid waste to Trump aide Merceded Schlapp as she tried to spin the numbers only to get roasted. (www.foxnews.com)

Event Reminders

Be Safe!

Check out Mattie C’s Sports for You & Me Podcast & and BIG shout-out to Bobby Streetz & Sinbad1Life AKA the BMG Boyz & Supreme Entertainment for hooking him up with up their single “No Mercy” for his intro!

*Veana Marie’s EP “Vee” is now available on Spotify, iTunes & YouTube… Check out the NEW promos on TikTok & Instagram & next week we may have some BIG news from Veana Marie!

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