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June 28, 2020 - Chat Realm Updates

Howdy Folks! Rick O over here, I wanted to talk to you guys quickly about a few updates we did to the website over the past 14 days if you haven’t already noticed we’ve done some upgrades to the web portal. So I wanna really dig in deep with the questions because I know there’s a ton and I want to answer them as they have came to me from fans of the station. So lets get started.

– What’s with all the stations at the bottom that are playing “other” music?!?

Simple. Since the beginning, we were a station, now we’re a network of stations. Killers Mix, The Booth, KWTFGO, and others have joined forced to provide you guys with some killer amazing content. Yes there’s still a station of Wicked Shit. That’s Killers Mix. Everything else is nice.

– Will we expect to see you guys on other platforms? I’d like to stream you guys in the car!

Actually Yes. We are world wide with Radionomy App as well as other Shoutcast Compatible Streaming apps as well. All you gotta do is punch “HatchetRadio” in the searchbar of your favorite streaming app and it’ll guide you to where you need to be. However, due to licensing laws that exist, we cannot go to other platforms such as FaceBook or YouTube without written and express consent of everyone at the record label and streaming owners to do it, so we probably wont’ be doing shows live on any of your favorite Video Platforms that include music. Algorithms designed by these particular websites are haters so they mute any streams that have music in them. We’ve tried everything up to and even getting artists permission, but there’s just ALOT more to it than what it’s worth, so we decided to keep that shit local. So you can ONLY hear these shows EXCLUSIVELY on HatchetRadio because of licensing.

-Will you ever have an App for Android or Apple?

We did for Android. It was a success, but the company we were employing for development raised their rates, so we decided to nix the app idea since there were so many great alternative options to tune into us through Radionomy, Shoutcasts App, and other sources thru Android, Apple & Even Roku, we decided it was just a complete waste. The other side of the coin with Apple. Apple absolutely refuses to license us for an App through them because they said it’s a conflict of interest. Meaning, There’s several Music Licensing companies in the world. Apple Employs 2 major ones, We on the other hand Employ one of the other major ones specifically for OUR service.. So Apple says it’s a conflict of interest because they are on one team we are on the other as far as who would collect licensing fee’s if music was sold (Which trust me we’re not selling music). So potentially Apple just nixed us right out of the starting gate when we submitted the App for their store. So that’s the explanation on THAT subject. Truth be told.. We are an indie station so we cannot afford to jump to other companies like that without coming out of pocket, and none and I do mean NONE of us are rich, So that’s why you can get these other fine apps to tune in with.

-I love the website, but there’s some missing sections like the IRC Chat, The Arcade, & a few other sections. Will those be coming back?

I can definitely say for certain IRC will not be back on HatchetRadio. The reason we are stating this particular, is that it’s just an antiquated chat system that Arthane wanted gone over a decade ago just due to how much of a hassle it was, how dramatic it got at times (I was a part of it too, I’ll take my lumps), and honestly we just didn’t feel it when we brought the layout online last year. So with that being said. No to the IRC. The Arcade on the other hand.. Meaty.. Loving. I want it back, but unfortunately the script we used for it back in the day has so many security holes in it, it resembles dried up Swiss cheese, and that’s just because the internet itself has changed, grown, and developed into the monster it is today. So we are looking INTO that. JuggaloIRC & The Arcade have been currently replaced by a new developmental chatroom that us and Atlassian have been working on. It’s a game I think you guys will enjoy as well as a fully interactive chatroom. It’s Windows based client is available (We’re looking into OSX, I dont’ own a Mac), We call ours “Realm Chat”. So if you have a Windows PC or Laptop. Give it a try. I’m damned sure you’ll find something to do on it. It’s great. Now the “Other” Section. When we started HatchetRadio, Myself, Arthane, & Trey, were all young men, and times were different. We had a bit more risky adult content on the website as you can see on Archive(The Website). Over the course of nearly 20 years we have grown as adults, some of us have families, jobs, etc. So years back we decided to tone it down a bit, because we do have some self respect, and respect for our ladies too. It wasn’t an ask, it wasn’t even really a discussion we had. We just naturally toned it back. It happens when you get older. We wanted more people to have access to the website, to be able to visit us on your mobile device without having to hide it from your old lady because a set of nice tits pops out and cracks your screen. We’ve all been there. So that answers that question. Sorry for the long winded reply on this one, but it was a complex question with a lot of moving parts.

-Did HatchetRadio Change Ownership?

No, Not Ever. It’s still the same 3 Owners & DeadBilly.

-Is my favorite DJ Coming back on air?

I have learned in this industry, never say never, but also, expect the unexpected. So I think I can say this with a bit of personal glare to it. When Dad died, it not only knocked the wind out of me, it knocked the wind out of every person who has ever been involved with HatchetRadio. He was close to everyones heart, and a complete driving force in this place before he got sick. It took us all by surprise especially me who’s his biological son, to have lost him the way that we did. 5 years went by, and we tried to get a hold of every DJ who ever left us on good terms, or even terms we could actually deal with. Some of them didn’t want anything to do with the radio station because their lives have changed so much that it’s just not part of them anymore. Others just dont’ have the time and or resources to do what they did back in the day. Trust us we have welcomed quite a few back with open arms. Now on the slight hand, there are some people who I worked with here that just completely rubbed me the wrong way. Completely treated others like they were disposable, and had egos bigger than what their aspirations were. So we didn’t even consider them. I think when myself, Adam, Billy, & Leffy(Wendy) sat down and discussed EVERYONE who could have possibly claimed to have worked for us (Because I wasn’t aware of some of the hiring practices Dad did when he took over while I was away) and I can honestly say it was over 200 people we had on staff over the years and we tried to keep up with some. I know for fact I personally am NOT the easiest son of a bitch to get along with. As a matter of fact its safe to say out of 200 people 190 of them hate my guts because I was an egotistical maniacal asshole with a big dick swinging. So again.. it’s hard to say yes.. or no. But I can tell you that there’s a personal list of people we will absolutely NOT work with again.

So with that being said. I can finally close this damned Essay I had to write for ya’ll but being as real as I can with you guys, I want to thank every single one of you for coming, showing out, giving us mad support, showing us live, and promotion us on your ever day lives. I can’t tell you all how much this means to us to be back up and running again, and to answer these questions that have been throw at us over and over again by you the fans. I will tell you this, There’s no ETA on some of these shows, We are working on getting the AD&D All-Stars up and running. We’ll have some special guests shooting on that show. I will give you guys a little spoiler, the first game is going to be episodic, We are aiming to wrap it up in 10-12 episodes barring any crazy RPG shit that goes on in a D&D Game. The name of the Campaign is called “Fall of C’thulu”. It’s gonna be dope so keep tuned in for that piece. Until then love ya’ll – Rick O

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