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July 9, 2020 - Chat Realm Updates

Yo what’s shaking my mother fuckers. Sorry for the lack of news but honestly there’s been a HELLAFIED LACK OF NEWS so we’ve decided to kinda sort save them for an amazingly long post and you probably read that shit off somewhere else. So lets get started

    Tech N9ne’s 6 Plat/Gold!

First of I wanna give Tech N9ne Mad Props for 6 Platinum/Gold Projects. Man.. Just to think we’ve had Tech on here countless times, played all of those tracks multiple times, and promoted the SHIT out of Strange Music.. You cannot go bad! So Props man! The Gold/Plat Tracks/Albums are:

Tech N9ne – “Dysfunctional” – Gold
Tech N9ne “Am I A Psycho?” – Platinum
Tech N9ne – “The Beast” – Gold
Tech N9ne – “EverReady” – Gold
Tech N9ne – “Worldlwide Choppers” – Platinum
Tech N9ne – “Hood Go Crazy” – Platinum

That’s pretty bad ass. Mad Props to Scottie D & FLH For the News Tip!

Realm Chat

What is it? Why is it? Where’d JuggaloIRC go? I think we’ve explained this a few times and I’ll explain it again for the fans in the back who decided to stroll thru late and find out. We closed our IRC chatrooms for good. Despite the fact that they were antiquated from the moment we opened them (IRC was an 80’s chat platform), but we rolled with it. This new chat platform should catapult us into the future. Plus it’s a fun ass game you all can play at the same time you’re chatting it up. It’s Windows based only (There is a MAC Client but we’ve yet to test it since none of us are Apple people), and it runs smooth as butter on most Windows 7-10 platformed PC’s as long as you have the Hard Drive Space. So there’s that. Sign up, Download, Login, Destroy.

HatchetRadio Presents: The Drain

Yes… the rumors are true.. The Drain is returning to HatchetRadio.. What exactly is the drain? Well it’s Killers Mix Sisters station that is LIVE with requests. We are currently gearing and staffing up for this live station. Unlike some OTHER rip offs, and fakes, The Drain was the NASTIEST, Dirtiest, Most VILE Reputable Often LIVE Horrorcore Station represented by HatchetRadio’s FINEST DJ’s. Well…. after much debate and many arguments.. The Drain is out of the mothballs and being tested. We are expecting within the next month to have it available for consumption, just be careful… too much might cause a wide-spread panic, drought, power outages, and an alien invasion all at once.. You’ve been warned..

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