7-27-20 Update

July 24, 2020 - Site News

Hey what’s up folks, It’s your homeskillet Rick O up late. Fucking Sciatica problems, man don’t get old for real, you start falling apart in the weirdest ways. So anyways, I wanted to drop a bit of knowledge since there’s an extremely large lack of news going around because of this COVID Shit being passed around like a bong at the gathering. So lets be honest. Shits changed, shits never going to be the same either, that’s not being negative, that’s just being honest. I sat the other day watching NXT on USA Network, when it hit me that man.. It’ isn’t just wrestling that’s going to change, its’ literally everything around us, Concerts, shows, everything we as as a society do, but with that being said there’s a form of exclusivity that may also happen. I remember growing up in the 80’s, and how some concerts were put on PPV (Back then it was still PPV, but it was Closed Circuit TV, you’d go to a participating Movie Theater to view them), With what I have been watching, and promoting on social media’s side is just that, yet modernized. We could go down that rabbithole all day, but the facts remain, that once we get past this (and we will eventually), things are going to be absolutely different for everyone. Just keep your heads up ya’ll that’s all I’m asking. We’re not going anywhere any time soon or at least not without an announcement. So we’ll keep you guys informed.

Also one other tidbit of info. Next Wednesday (July 29th) I will be on the air with Sinista1 over at The Booth Discussing the upcoming Netflix Hulk Hogan Biopic starring Chris Hemsworth. So make sure you like HatchetRadio’s Facebook Page & Group (we have both) as well as The Booth’s page, and we’ll be looking forward to discussing it. Until then Love peace and whatever. – Rick O

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