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August 6, 2020 - Gaming

Hey what’s banging and clanging folks! Rick O your least favorite serial killer is back at it over here on HR. So we’ve got some incredible things going on. If you missed the show last week. We’ll get the podcasts up for the shows, but they were great. The Booth was off the chain last week, you can still catch the replay on The HatchetRadio Facebook Page So if you wanna check that one out, Rick O, Sinista1, Ryan and other guests had a long discussion about the upcoming Hulk Hogan Biopic coming to Netflix. Check that one out Definitely worth it’s weight in gold!  SO what I’m getting at is, if you’re not subscribed, you’re missing out!






New Staff?!?!?!

YES indeed.. After some time, we have finally hired 2 new staff members. Monstar-T & Red who are coming from us via some affiliates over @ MajikNinja Radio. I would like to welcome them to the staff. They will have their show up and running very soon, they will be over at the Killers Mix Station for the time being until we get The Drain up and operational. I am mad excited to have them both on the team over here at HatchetRadio, and I have high hopes for them. and again cannot wait until we get their show off the ground!

The Rick O Show Live & Uncut


Yes Scrubs, it’s finally happened. Rick O has officially gotten past his 10th.. and final dry run this morning on FaceBook Gaming. After many many times of debating, unhappiness, bad equipment, Rick O has finally returned his insane ass back to where he belongs on HatchetRadio. He will be a very large part of FaceBook Gaming in the future, and is looking for a little help along the way to spot him on his partnership. If you could go and subscribe to The Rick O Show Live & Uncut

the madness would greatly be appreciated by all!!! For those wanting to see a look at the new Rick O Show logo.. we have it RIGHT HERE!! 


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