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August 24, 2020 - Arthane Plays

Hey what’s Shaking HatchetRadio Fans, Just some news to drop for the website. We are slowly progressing towards the fall season line up of course as The Summer of COVID is coming to an end and now we are entering our 3rd Season of COVID, COVID Fall, where things haven’t changed much except the weather. So while you’re going to be locked in doors all winter and Fall we have an amazing line up here at HatchetRadio. First off Lets go into these Shows shall we? So the first Show of course is The Rick O Show Live & Uncut  , with myself of course talking a bunch of things from Music to Real World Events. The second Show comes from the depths of Brockton Mass. The Booth! Starring Whoobazoo’s own Sinista1 Keith Hayes!. Those shows are already active on the HatchetRadio Network . So please like all 3 pages! More Shows coming to the Network of course are Incredibly Strange Films, A Sports Show, and of course a HatchetRadio Exclusive coming to The Drain (The return of the drain!!) With Monster T & Red, DJ Arcaine will also be returning to The Drain.. Did I mention.. The Drain is returning with Live DJ’s who take requests? I didn’t? Well there’s the last of it. .So get ready folks, Fall is about Madness!


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