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“Many Rumors have gotten started on the birth of HatchetRadio. None of them True other than the ones that are going to be recorded here directly on the website. Over the years we have had this mythos or aura about us that has been completely untrue. From us selling out, to us shutting down completely. This about us isn’t just about our mission statement. It’s about US. The people who have created the enigma known as HatchetRadio. So sit back, enjoy the ride, there’s some amazing and fun sights to see and just remember folks. Its all history.” – Rick O

First HatchetRadio Logo from The Sixth

In 2003, when there were chatrooms, and no social networking, people could rely on many websites to bring them news about bands. TheSixth.Com was one of these very websites that did such for a type of music called HorrorCore which is a child of Acid Rap. TheSixth.Com covered bands like House of Krazees, Natas, Esham, Twiztid, Insane Clown Posse, Tech N9ne, & Kottonmouth Kings, since they were closely related genres and sub-genres. Back in that day we relied on each other going to shows, snapping photos, scanning them onto the hard drives of computers (which took sometimes hours for a set of photos), and then uploading them via dial up to a website and then writing the code on notepad and uploading THAT too all while doing this on an internet connection that literally would take 5-10 minutes to download a 3 minute .mp3 at CD quality (128kbps). So you can imagine how HARD this all was in 2003 when only small areas had access to high speed or broadband internet. Rick O was working for TheSixth under the name D3dBdyM4n(DedbdyMan sometimes) as a journalist. He had just left Milenko500 as he was offered a position at TheSixth after Psychopathic Records had flown all the huge website programmers in to the Studio in Detroit and ran Operation Lienda (A promotion to help pick up new Juggalos). So the first year Adam(Arthane/T9X) and Trey(TeeJayGee/Whut) had met up with Rick O, in the JuggaloIRC Network Chatroom which was ran by none other than Billy(DeadBilly) and there was some private discussions moving forward with a new project in the summer of 2003.

Its Dark & Hell is Hot

HatchetRadio Blues Phase (Website 2.0)

November of 2003, TheSixth had debuted a new option their website. With Several of the prominent members of TheSixth going elsewhere, Drama with other websites collapsing, TheSixth was relying heavily on their new Option Dubbed “TheSixth Presents: HatchetRadio”. The Name came from an argument between Rick & Adam over it’s inception. Neither of them knew what to call the project, it was just simply “The Project” and Trey kept harping on them both about getting a name for it, so Rick spouted during a heated moment “It might as well just fucking be HatchetRadio since we’re all just fucking Juggalo DJ’s anyways.”, and with that.. Trey purchased the domain names for HatchetRadio immediately and that part was pretty much settled on. The Sixth Started to falter. News had Spread that other larger websites like RealJuggalos, and Milenko500 were also shutting down, some of the webmasters going to work for record labels, others just walking away from the scene completely. The owner of T6 had called Rick over the phone, explaining that life was happening, and that he needed some time to take away from the website, and that probably by 2004, there wouldn’t be T6, or SixthBoard at all anymore which took away from the fact that the new project that Adam, Trey and Rick had been working so hard to get running was now just being thrown in the garbage.

HatchetRadio Logo Circa 2009

With due diligence HatchetRadio had a website within half a month opening it’s doors with 3 DJ’s, and a webmaster. The Chatroom JuggaloIRC which had formerly been the host to both Insane Clown Posse & Twiztid’s Chatrooms at the same time had given HatchetRadio the much needed bump in hits. Pairing with the fact that the entire Juggalo Community at the time was completely ablaze with the station, in October 2005 HatchetRadio had peaked with over 13 million unique hits world wide with fans from Sri-Lanka, Japan, United States, Canada, England, New Zealand, & Australia the station was cruising along VERY Nicely. Faces like NinjaTab, Poltageist, Psyanide, Knonsence, Carnidoll, KidCrusher and others had graced the halls of HatchetRadios finest. Two new additions to HatchetRadio were added in 2006 with The Drain & Killers Mix Stations (Due to popular belief, HatchetRadio actually started The Drain not anyone else other there, the just use the moniker). Things seemed to be going perfectly as artists like Claas, Violent J, Tech N9ne, Goretex and many others had moved to the network sponsoring and siring the cause that was championed.

The Dad Era

First Full Color Flyer

During the first few years of HatchetRadio, Rick , Trey, & Adam had been running the station, but life was catching up to them. Trey off to college, Adam was taking care of family, in 2007 Rick had been diagnosed with the early stages of Lymphoma, forced to take a leave he put his father in charge of the station as his proxy. This became the most known era of HatchetRadio history. Dad took over and hit the ground running like a mad man. He started putting together promotional teams, hiring staff to keep the streams active at all times like a flash of lightning the station went from full automation, to full service in under a year, ushering in a lot of the staff and fans that stuck around to this very day. Dad partnered with Faygoluvers, JuggaloIRC and many other websites to start a massive network covering ALL things underground. Dad pushed forward as Rick got better, even when things got rough like server hardware failures, hosting companies going out of business, and the site being shut down as laws had been changed for digital rights content management had taken over and set forth the future for digital media. HatchetRadio was forced to go into full automation due to all of the issues with the RIAA suing a lot of companies over Rights Management, not settling under fair use, and targeting mainstream as well as underground Indie Radio stations, HatchetRadio and the staff endured our servers being shut down, hard drives being taken by government entities, scrubbed, and returned to find out that we were indeed only promoting Indie Artists and Underground Acts NOT Mainstream RIAA Certified Acts. After a series of shut downs it was decided by all it would be easy to just go into full automation mode.

Syndication Indie Republic Network to The HatchetRadio Network

HatchetRadio Joined the Indie Republic Movement

With full Automation in Bloom, HatchetRadio was offered an opportunity with several other larger affiliated Networks to debut the style and showcase the talent that we had. Rick O returned bearing a new passion and a renewed focus on the future of HatchetRadio by networking and Syndicating with EventLevel, Whoobazoo Radio, ITZBMRADIO, TooBigTV, MakingMoneyEnt, Nascars Drafting the Circuits, and some larger sports network affiliates, HatchetRadio catapulted to the forefront with Indie Republic Driving taking the wheel. Shows like The Main Event, The Booth, Trap House Rocks, The Final Round, The Rick O Show Live & Uncut, Redwood & The Wolf, Ying Yang Radio, & Studio 62 spawned from the creative genius and collaboration of all these networks together. But as all things great and large, they all come to an end and after 5 years of service, Indie Republic & Eventlevel’s staff retired from the Network, and HatchetRadio didn’t come out of the syndication unscathed, in 2013 Dad had been diagnosed with a lethal form of cancer that took his life in November of 2014 absolutely Sundering HatchetRadio for a while. Rick, who’s Biological father had passed, had also been Diagnosed with a Chemical Imbalance shortly after which rendered him unable to be on air for long periods of time, or having anxiety or panic attacks that essentially took him off air semi-permanently. Trey, Wendy, & Adam pushed through with the help of others as Rick was gone to keep the Station in full operation until the return…. That Return.. is 2020.. NOW… Welcome to the new Era of HatchetRadio.. You’re included…

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