American [Kentucky]

  • Name: Billy Knight
  • Aliases: DeadBilly, Kong, FatManDont
  • Position: Networking
  • Location: Bardstown, Kentucky
  • EOB: The 80s
  • Years of Experience: 18+
  • About: Billy is the head network engineer here at HatchetRadio. He’s also the strangest human being you’ll ever encounter. Yes He’s THAT Gathering of the Juggalos MeMe, Former Owner of JuggaloIRC Network, Billy Coordinated Chatrooms for Websites such as Milenko500.com, TheSixth.Com, Faygoluvers.Com, InsaneClownPosse.com, Twiztid.com, Techn9ne.com and many others. Billy was integral in the inception of HatchetRadio.. He was there man.
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