Rick O

American [Kentucky]

  • Name: Rick Pease
  • Aliases: Rick O, D3dBdyM4n, DedBdyMan, O, o0o, Fire Face
  • Position: Co Owner/Talent
  • Location: Elizabethtown, Kentucky
  • EOB: The 70’s (10-11-1979)
  • Years of Experience: 18+
  • Hobbies: Rick O is a well educated Redneck and a nerd child at Heart. Rick has an extensive collection of Advanced Dungeon & Dragons 2nd Edition Books that is absolutely astonishing to behold. A long with hand painted miniatures from some of the finest companies out there, Rick O offers a Tabletop Role-playing night for his friends and family to enjoy that will possibly be streamed on HatchetRadio in the near Future, He also plays Rifts, World of Warcraft and is an Avid Steam Video Game Collector who for 6 years in a row has been on the Steam Awards Selection Panel. Rick O is also musically talented as is an extremely accomplished Saxophone Player & Percussionist who avidly plays the drum-set on a daily to get a good work out in and release some stress and just enjoy it. He’s also into Outdoors, Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, & Other outdoors activities when his disease isn’t bothering him.
  • About: The Voice of HatchetRadio with over 18 years of On Air experience and over 20 in Journalism, Rick has worked with such fans sites as Milenko500, TheSixth.Com, JuggaloIRC, & Faygoluvers covering many aspects of journalism covering Indie, Underground, and Horrorcore/Acid Rap Bands. in 2011 Rick met with a group of like minded individuals and formed an international online syndication known as “Indie Republic” which he was involved with the booking, production and or interviewing processes with names such as UFC Stars Bas Rutten, John Doomsday Howard, Stephan Bonnar, & Houston Alexander, Olympic Medalist Rick Hawn, WWF Superstar Ahmed Johnson(Tony Norris), Music Acts such as Tech N9ne, Insane Clown Posse, WolfPac, Bloodhound Gang, Juicy J of 3-6 Mafia, The Ying Yang Twins and Many many other artists. He brings a special type of gritty comedy, and a fist to mouth approach on air with a deep baritone voice. Over the years however, Rick O has become less active due to disease which causes him to have a chemical imbalance, so he makes the best of what he can when he can all the while helping develop talent on the air.
  • Personal Quote: “Be Water My Friend” -Bruce Lee
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