American [Michigan]


  • Name: Trey Gillette
  • Aliases: Trazor, Whut, WickaWhut
  • Position: Co Owner Co-Creator
  • Location: Michigan
  • EOB: The 80’s
  • Years of Experience: 18+
  • About: Trey is one of the 3 co-owner/Co-Creator Combos here at HatchetRadio. Trey is a graduate of UCF, and a proud father and amazing husband. Trey is silent for the most part and if you do see him he has tendencies of standing still until you go away. Please Don’t Feed Trey, Especially Booze, or any types of edibles, it took us 7 years to find him after we gave away gathering tickets and he came back married and a college graduate. If Lost Please Contact One of the Other HatchetRadio Staff Members Please!
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