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Frequently Asked Questions

-What is Realm Chat?
Simply put, its' our chatroom replacement for IRC. It's zoned, and very irc like, community based, and fun as hell and yes it looks familiar, so have fun with it.

-Why can't I get it to work? I use Mobile!
Realm Chat was not designed for such small minded devices. It requires Windows PC only. The requirements although seem lofty, any modern aged computer will have most of what's required to run it.

-Is it worth it?
Yes, it's free.

-I can't get it to work, Why?
Maybe you didn't unzip it correctly or follow the instructions or you're trying to run it directly from the .zip file.. I dunno go read the instructions. Seriously.

-I have a bug issue, is there anyone who can fix it?
Yes, There's a bug area, we have a small GM team who will get to your issue. In the meanwhile work on a different avatar for the time being, read a book, make a grilled cheese. No seriously someone will be there eventually. We dont' get paid for that so ya.. leave the bug name

-Some things dont' work in this Realm Chat.

Yup Exactly. We know.. It's a constant build. We're always working on it

-What version is Realm chat and do mods work for it?
3.3.5 and YES! If you know how to install mods, and use them, by all means. We arent' responsible for any of it anyways, that's all on yourself and your knowledge of installing them and getting them to work or writing them yourself if that's your thing. There's a WHOLE lot of mods that work with Realm chat to enhance it. But the version is 3.3.5.

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