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Music Drop Rules

Heres your rules yo on the MUSic drop. Please make SURE you have your file info correct. no mytrack.mp3 bullshit otherwise it won't get put on the station. You wanna get recognized it all starts with your fucking file info yo.

Here is a quick and easy guide in case you don't know how to set your idv3 tag. https://www.rename-expert.com/examples/rename_mp3_files.aspx

Exactly..So if there's any questions comments or concerns, We can get you links. We ask that you do this for YOUR personal info. Our system double checks the file info and kicks out mp3s that do not have it. it 's just how it works legally. you have to legally have file info now in order to get played on reputable stations. Not our rules, it's the law and how it is.

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