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The Return of the Rick O Show is Upon Us!

The Rick O show is now LIVE on FaceBook Live Please visit the link Here For the Rick O Show watch a few of the videos, smash that like button, and lets move forward. I’m trying to build that partnership up with FaceBook Live Video. lets get me on there!

7-27-20 Update

Hey what’s up folks, It’s your homeskillet Rick O up late. Fucking Sciatica problems, man don’t get old for real, you start falling apart in the weirdest ways. So anyways, I wanted to drop a bit of knowledge since there’s an extremely large lack of news going around because of ...

Props to Big B of Sub Noize

We got a little noise out of the Sub Noize Camp. Congratulations to our big homie Big B from the KMK! Read below to see what happened!

Vampiro Unleashed on El Ray Network!

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News News and More News

Yo what’s shaking my mother fuckers. Sorry for the lack of news but honestly there’s been a HELLAFIED LACK OF NEWS so we’ve decided to kinda sort save them for an amazingly long post and you probably read that shit off somewhere else. So lets get started Tech N9ne’s 6 ...

A letter to All Americans

Welcome one and all! Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans and a belated Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends to the North as well. Wanted to give you guys a piece on the July 4th update. We have a lot of content coming up, Myself and ...

Weekly Website Update

Howdy Folks! Rick O over here, I wanted to talk to you guys quickly about a few updates we did to the website over the past 14 days if you haven’t already noticed we’ve done some upgrades to the web portal. So I wanna really dig in deep with the ...

Tonight @ 6:45 The Booth Station

Sinista1 returns the airwaves with a vengeance this Tuesday night at 7:00 PM NY EST! If you want to get in on the conversation LIVE on air you can call into the show at (508) 251-5722 or join us in the LIVE Chat on FB! Topics for the night… Sinista1 ...

HatchetRadio Exclusive: Veanna Marie

Yo what up killers! Our big homey here at HatchetRadio Sinista1 shot me a message a little earlier today. Veanna Marie has a debut single coming out called “No Justice… No Peace..(Black Lives Matter)” featuring Ced Sonteago. The message I got said noon today but the video feed says Noon ...

Grape Ape Updates

HEY! What’s shaking ya’ll Well I wanted to let you guys know that our forums have been updated with some new sections for you all. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY too many to mention, so you’re going to have to check them out yourself. We’ve added quite a bit to them. We also did ...

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