28 May 2021

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Quick Update

Hey folks, wanted to shout out real quick. I know we had an issue with the tune in links being intermittent as of the last month. The matter has been resolved as it was an internal issue with our software upgrades. Links had to be changed for those of you ...

19 May 2021

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Quite the Selection

Hey what’s up folks! Quick update. Auto-DJ has been updated for the next 30 days. We have you guys programmed out. We also added a new Feature called “Game Realm” It’s for Windows Users who want to do a little more for a little less. Follow the instructions and enjoy!

10 May 2021

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How are things?

So lets get some updates going will we? I know I’ve been on radio silence for a little over a month so I figured I would throw you guys a nice little update for those who still pop in and out. For those of you who are wondering what has ...

06 April 2021

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Good Times

Hey Folks, How are you all doing today. First off, I want to make a statement really quick as we are moving forward with HatchetRadio’s Network and the things we will be sharing in the future. First off, I want to say that we had to make some tough decisions ...

27 March 2021

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Diablo 2 with Team Terrible & More!

That’s Right folks the time is upon us! Sunday March 28th be on the HatchetRadio Network, HatchetRadio Gaming or Rick O The Terrible Facebook Pages at 12 Noon EST. Show begins! We will be doing a run through as a team. Plans had to change at the last minute due ...

01 March 2021

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We Want to Thank you!

Hey Folks I want to say what’s up and how’s it going?! We have been working on some angles as of late with the social networking side of the network and we do apologize. We haven’t been updating much on here. I want to let you know you can easily ...

04 January 2021

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HatchetRadio Gamers Presents: Diablo II Lord of Destruction Staff Tournament

Dates & Times & Team Members to Be announced SOON!

30 December 2020

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The Inevitable is coming

Well Well Well.. The world has finally come up with the debut good enough for myself. The Rick O Show. I wanna first say wow.. Honor, Gonna be great to get mad with you guys on the show live on FaceBook Gaming. Throw some hate your way, Anyways. Want you ...

29 December 2020

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Resolving Some Issues and What not

Hey Folks, It’s Rick O back at you guys. We were aware of what was going on with the website and was able to pinpoint the issue. Hopefully in the near future we don’t run into this again. What we were unaware of was we had reached some growing pains ...

02 December 2020

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The Booth Interview

The Booth has a bomb ass interview with Retired Col. Robert Resnick on their show. Click Here to Watch!

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