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Month: November 2020

  If you missed The Booth you can Click Here for this weeks Episode. Click Like & Subscribe if you’re into it. I have to say we’re moving forward with this layout. We added a bit more content tonight. You probably won’t notice unless you decide to thumb through. Added artist Veana Marie to the mixup […]

Well! After 15 days of reporting back on the new layout, We would like to say we are Now Available in India! Welcome to HatchetRadio our friends! Namaste! This is the FIRST time our systems have ever reported back that we have listeners from inside of India and we hope that you all enjoy our […]

Hey what’s up fans! It’s your homeboy Rick O I know that there’s some static going around with the election. I know some people have asked me several times where HatchetRadio stands on politics or where we land on the needle as far as blue or red. Honestly, I’d have to say that our staff […]

November 16, 2020

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled program! We have gotten  most of our major sections up, including the return of the JuggaloIRC Network (MIRC!) for all of you old schoolers who enjoyed sitting back for a chat and having a good time. We also have RealmChat up which is our gaming chatroom, and last but […]

What’s up Fans! We got some more podcasts up, Some for The Main Event Show, Some for the Final Round Sports Show, & MSLB’s Traphouse Rocks Show. I highly suggest you fans give them a listen. They will load through our web-player once you hit play on them. I think you guys will enjoy some […]

Hey what’s shaking you bunch of flunkies, it’s your boy Rick O coming at you guys with some not-so-much news, but more of a letter. I think it’s safe to say that 18 years ago, 3 guys came together and formed an awesome bond over the love of Indie Music. I think back to the […]

What is up! I haven’t talked to you guys in a minute other than to discuss a few things that we’re doing to the website for 2021. We decided to do the layout in the open for once instead of locking the site down with some form of crap ass template that half assed works. […]

Hey there folks, it’s your least favorite poster and home skillet, Rick O Coming at you guys as much needed. So where’s the stuff? Well we’ve got some updates and news to bring to you guys as I did over at the HatchetRadio Network Facebook Page (Which will soon be updated on the website). So […]

More content has been added. I also switched over to a new theme yet again. You can now join our discord by CLICKING HERE. Don’t forget to drop in and say what’s up!! A new section is being added called “Featured Artist” if you would like to be listed email us or contact us on […]