The Reason for the Season is Pleasin’

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Hey there folks, it’s your least favorite poster and home skillet, Rick O Coming at you guys as much needed. So where’s the stuff? Well we’ve got some updates and news to bring to you guys as I did over at the HatchetRadio Network Facebook Page (Which will soon be updated on the website). So lets get into some questions from the fans that have been hitting us up in our DM’s.

What happened?

Well to be honest, with all the changes to the browsers coming in 2021. This meant that flash wasn’t going to work and neither was our dope ass 3d Layout anymore considering that’s what it was written in for the most part during the last change over. We had a few updates to run, and it decided to go into safe mode, after looking into it, it was going to be more work to get it back up and swap the theme out then it was just to write new content, So that’s what we decided to do for our 18th birthday was to just build off of something that we already had that was easy to use.

What’s coming & What’s going?

As far as I know nothing is going away, We do have some more things to be added to the site. We will be working along with DeadBilly & JuggaloIRC once again as well as providing our Discord Voice chat for you guys, and our Private Gaming Server Realm Chat will also be readded to the site once we get to them. We did convert the old page to our gaming page. I know it kind of shocked a few people but I got left with the old network page so we just decided to merge with The Booth/Whoobazoo, and throw down on some much needed shows. So you’ll see those air of course on the Network Facebook page. We may also have a forum coming our way as well. So we’ll see how that goes.

Who’s all involved still?

Rick O, Trey, Adam, Billy, Sashadoll, Keith(Sinista1) & Wendy for the most part. Once JuggaloIRC is up and running, we’re probably going to have DeadBilly & Wendy Maintain it, Rick O wants to be free of social graces with folks anymore. So he wont’ be running any of the chat networks except Realm Chat. The Social Networking side is going to be ran differently than before, we’ll probably have some trustworthy admins to help out when we’re not around.


What’s the plans of live on air stuff?


“Well as soon as we can find some good volunteers we’ll be steady. People bullshit too much” – Rick O



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