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Hey what’s shaking you bunch of flunkies, it’s your boy Rick O coming at you guys with some not-so-much news, but more of a letter. I think it’s safe to say that 18 years ago, 3 guys came together and formed an awesome bond over the love of Indie Music. I think back to the times that we spent together pondering and scheming over how we were going to get this station off the ground and into the hearts of people. I didn’t think we’d have come so far to be honest with as shaky ground as we were on at first, but we managed to make this one of the most fantastic projects we’ve ever assembled. I think everyone who’s helped along the way no matter the hardships were, deserves praise and thanks as well. Every victory or defeat resulted in us learning more and more about how this operated at first, and more and more about ourselves as human beings. There were great times, hard times, no times, and a time to return back to our roots. I feel that I got lost along the way after Dad passed away. A lot of folks will never realize the contributions him, Ashley, Woody, and others over the test of time who aren’t with us on this journey into the next decade. It doesn’t sadden me, it makes me smile, makes me proud.

I was asked a very long time ago by fans and friends, how long do I think we could go on and do things like this? As long as it takes to continue to enjoy the bonds that we’ve made, and the music that we enjoyed when we were younger to even now. Even 20 years ago we were laying the foundations of something that was going to be bigger than we were, we just didn’t know it yet. I’m just glad that every single day, we improve upon the things we do for the millions of you who view our website monthly. I know we don’t post much on here (Everyone knows our social networking is generally popping), but we’re gonna work on that for you! So Pop that like and share button on your social networking and lets get to work. – Rick O

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