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Welcome back to your regularly scheduled program! We have gotten  most of our major sections up, including the return of the JuggaloIRC Network (MIRC!) for all of you old schoolers who enjoyed sitting back for a chat and having a good time. We also have RealmChat up which is our gaming chatroom, and last but not least, Discord! Amazing right? There’s some more coming down the pipe. After some long talking with each other we had decided that it was time to retire the HatchetRadio Forums for a while, just due to the maintenance, and the fact that it sat on the site for years unused compared to the other chatrooms. So I wanna give some quick shoutouts before I wrap this up. Shoutout to DeadBilly, for knocking out the JuggaloIRC chat in such wicked fashion. Props to Arthane for getting the Site up rapidly without error so we could get back to what we do best I know you put up with my shit and have for 18 years now, how you’ve not came down to murder my face is beyond me, but I love you man. Mad shoutout to Trazor Jay for coming through in the clench when things were looking a bit down and keeping us up and running. Shout out to Sashadoll, for constantly promoting the brand, keeping us in the loop with what’s going on, and just always keeping the Facebook Chat so chipper. As always, Shoutout to Sinista1 for Keeping The Booth running and operational and continuing to provide the community with a very important political outlook. Props to Leffy (Wendifer, Wendy, Red, and what other nicknames I’ve came up with over the years) for providing us with the insight we needed when we’ve had to come up with ideas for the section. 2021 hasn’t arrived but our layout is most definitely here.  Anyone else I forgot.. Props. Last of all Thank you fans for keeping us driven, Keeping us going on social networking while our portal was kinda sorta down for a rebuild.

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