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Personal Take on the Political Scene

Written by on November 17, 2020

Hey what’s up fans! It’s your homeboy Rick O I know that there’s some static going around with the election. I know some people have asked me several times where HatchetRadio stands on politics or where we land on the needle as far as blue or red. Honestly, I’d have to say that our staff is pretty bi-partisan when it comes to the political scene. We have some who choose to be engaged on both sides and some who don’t engage in the content but have their own formed opinions. We don’t take away from any artists political messages, so why would we do that to our staff? It would totally alienate their first amendment rights. We have always encouraged our staff to be creative within the boundaries of not spreading misinformation, but however not limiting their opinions on a wide variety of topics. Every day we’re under the vague microscopes of social networking posting on eggshells pretty much and it isn’t just Conservatives of Democrats who are under fire, it’s our basic rights on social networking and on the internet in general.

When HatchetRadio got on the internet in 2003, there wasn’t much of anything as far as social networking. We relied on chatrooms that were available to the masses to advertise in for you guys, we assembled street teams to go out during shows and flyer it up for ninjas to let them know that we were with HatchetRadio and what we represented. When social networking came out, we had already established JuggaloIRC 8 years prior to as a safe haven for anyone who wanted to come in and chat with us, but we saw the writing on the wall with just the release of MySpace and how they were starting to integrate onto the music scene, and we used it. We felt the platform was solid, hell it even allowed us to code in our players from HatchetRadio to MySpace and then FaceBook became the bigger of the two eventually dwarfing MySpace but giving us an added tool to the belt.


So much of the world changed and we adapted to it like most places did, and those who didn’t ended up folding, selling, or just floating in space. We became more reliant on social networking than sometimes our website just because it was immediate and an easy access portal. Now I personally am not against Social Networking, but when it comes the news that is written on there isn’t one size fits all. It isnt’ that way anywhere. So we thought about how we have our own portal to go back to and do all the griping, and how we can utilize our free speech on our own platforms without having to worry about someone in the back taking down or editting our posts. HatchetRadio is Multi-Partisan, Mixed Racially, and honestly has been your dose for many years that you have over looked. Dont’ take my word for it though, Take the word of millions of listeners over the years who can attest to our shows, our strengths, and our qualities. Without a shadow of a doubt one of the most talented networks ever.

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