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If you missed The Booth you can Click Here for this weeks Episode. Click Like & Subscribe if you’re into it. I have to say we’re moving forward with this layout. We added a bit more content tonight. You probably won’t notice unless you decide to thumb through. Added artist Veana Marie to the mixup in our Featured Artists Section. I think you folks will like what she’s got to offer as far as talent, and honestly, she’s quite a woman. We’re still working on that section by the way, it’s a slow build, but we’re again, just about 2 weeks into rebuilding our layout and keeping it fresh. I got asked if we were bringing back our dedicated to section, for Jinxy, Woody, & Dad. To be honest, I don’t think we are this go around. It was their wish we brought got ourselves caught up, I was working with Jinxy on a show with DJ Poltageist before she got sick, with Dad we were working on doing a co-produced show together before he got sick as well, so to me it’s hard memories to swallow up even just working on the site without them, but it was their wishes that we continued our work and move forward with the website. I think when we opened the site last year, and we did the layout, that dedication to them was solid and payed a bit of hommage to them. This layout is more of us moving into the future.

As well I want to remind some of you guys that we did actually restart JuggaloIRC again. I know some of you old schoolers have been wanting a place to chat. The chatroom is being ran by our old school network owner DeadBilly. So if you’re missing out on chatting, just throw in and go from there!


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