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Month: December 2020

Well Well Well.. The world has finally come up with the debut good enough for myself. The Rick O Show. I wanna first say wow.. Honor, Gonna be great to get mad with you guys on the show live on FaceBook Gaming. Throw some hate your way, Anyways. Want you fools to know, Smells like […]

Hey Folks, It’s Rick O back at you guys. We were aware of what was going on with the website and was able to pinpoint the issue. Hopefully in the near future we don’t run into this again. What we were unaware of was we had reached some growing pains that we were unaware of […]

The Booth has a bomb ass interview with Retired Col. Robert Resnick on their show. Click Here to Watch!

Hey what’s shaking ladies and germs, Rick O coming at you guys live again with a post Thanksgiving update. I wanted to say hello out there to all of my friend and family during the holidays. I know you guys have had a tough 2020 out there in the real world, working, political fiascos, and […]