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Hey what’s shaking ladies and germs, Rick O coming at you guys live again with a post Thanksgiving update. I wanted to say hello out there to all of my friend and family during the holidays. I know you guys have had a tough 2020 out there in the real world, working, political fiascos, and all of the other happenings in the world but we wanted to extend the seasons greetings and happy holidays to everyone out there from our end of the network. We’ve had a lot going on in the background and I do apologize for the lack of updates. I spent about a week solid on the site, so I decided to take a step back and breathe for a second just so I can survey everything we’ve done. Arthane has been in the lab making damned good and sure we have what we need to continue to go forward with plans.

I aim to get our FAQ section back up and operational so you guys can get the correct direction on where you need to for when situations do arise that you may have a question since we don’t really have a live support (We do have a chat but it’s for chatting, odds are one of the chatroom members will direct you to somewhere else because they like pranks.). We’re working towards a better HatchetRadio for you. So here’s some of the ones I’ve encountered over the holidays since the change over.


-Are you guys still cool with Juggalos?

Absolutely! Killers Mix is a Juggalo style Stream. We built our website off the underground. We’d never shut down Killers Mix. Hell no. We have always promoted Psychopathic & MNE and other Indie Juggalo or Horrorcore/Acid Rap Artists. I’m much older (41 at the time of this article if you must know) and I personally have a very diverse taste in music. So you’ll hear some crazy shit up there if you keep an ear up, but to be honest we support ALL artists & all music (sorry L-Wright).

Why 4 Streams?

We have the ability to. Why not?  The Booth is a part of HatchetRadio now, and we wanted to share the experience of their music style with our listeners. Nothing wrong with diversifying your portfolio with people and music.

-What happened to so-and-so? 

We’d like to know the same thing honestly. Back in 2008 we had a technological break-thru with our autodj system. It didn’t’ require the streams to be manned at all hours of the night, and consistent and cautious planning around getting people on and off the air. So when we went on full auto, we had asked the team simply just to put together some shows instead of randomly getting on Leffy’s case about “Scheduling Conflicts” that were self inflicted. People drew ire with the situation with the old scheduling system and wound up going elsewhere, where they felt they were more comfortable with that system while it as in place. We wound up putting together some super shows with other networks, including joining the offline Indie Republic Network & EventLevel Radio as guests, and eventually partners. During that era, we kind of lost track with some of the originals because well. Life happens. At one time it took 75 members to run this entire community. Now it’s just 6. Technology and Time man!

-What happened to all the interviews you guys had planned?

Honestly believe it or not you are more than likely to have an interview fall through at the last moment before you actually ever get it. It’s just a fact no matter how big you are as a network things happen. We had a slew of artists booked up for interviews. I can take responsibility for about 1 of them falling through. I got really ill and cut off a lot of my personal responsibilities about that time. We had 2 more routes we went with on a particular actor/comedian, but he had offers from huge streaming services to do several movies, and well money talks. Others just fell through to be honest and we tried our hardest to rebook or reschedule, or even cancelled a few just due to the fact that things happen. The Booth is always going with Sinista1, he’s always finding someone interesting out in the world who you guys would enjoy.


-What’s with the political shows? We never had that on here before?

Actually we’ve had a few political shows, but they never really caught on because well. Demographics, and people couldn’t related to what was being said without getting upset or angry. As we got older, our audience did too. So People ask us all the time “Where does HatchetRadio Land politically?” Well, I’d have to say out of all the active members. The needle is dead middle. Our shows have always consisted of people from every aspect. We don’t tell our talent that they have to mum themselves politically because we don’t believe in it. HatchetRadio has always been about free speech and always will be regardless of political affiliation, gender identification, religion, or race. We have a zero tolerance policy on racism. We diss the haters too. So when you have a staff that can be that diverse around each other, and love each other like brothers and sisters, you get different and more interesting outputs on life.


-Why is site still up if you guys are mostly on social networking?

We’ve always had a portal for people to come and go as they please. We had thought about taking the site down a few times but that was about a 5 second thought before we started working on other themes and layouts for you guys. To be honest, we are very active on our social networking fronts. Arthane, Myself, Sinista1, & Sashadoll especially are very active on their shows. They give us a format and a window to you guys much faster than the website does. It’s unfortunately a huge change that we had to adapt to since everything we’ve ever had such as our chatrooms, our forums, and everything has been in house. We never had to rely on other websites as much for promotion because there were chatrooms all over the place we could go in and have simple conversations with. It was easier to set up a street team and what not. The world changed. Especially with COVID-19, there’s honestly not as many people attending shows, or out and about anymore who are interested in just a website. Especially one that plays just Underground Music and Indie artists. So we had to adapt to what was needed, and we have a lot more people talking to us through FaceBook now a days than any other format, so it’s what we decided to keep with.

-Why Two Facebook Pages?

To be honest. It started out as a network that went offline a few years back we were part of 10 years ago. They stopped producing and decided to move on with life, we kept doing what we do which is keep you guys entertained, so I wound up inheriting the network page, and me and Arthane had been talking about starting a HatchetRadio Gamers Section for like 2 decades. So it felt right to have both a gaming page, and a network page. Something for you guys to enjoy.



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