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Hey Folks, It’s Rick O back at you guys. We were aware of what was going on with the website and was able to pinpoint the issue. Hopefully in the near future we don’t run into this again. What we were unaware of was we had reached some growing pains that we were unaware of with the website. According to our datacenter, we have at least over 2.4 million inputs per month going in and out of the website at one time. This was slowing us down and of course we had an internal issue that was beyond what we were capable of doing until our host upped our traffic throughput. In other words. You guys are keeping the website busy which is great. So it’s a positive spin on something. I was able to repair the temporary damage done (Shit happens when you run out of memory) and get the site rid of the errors we had so we’re good! Thanks to Arthane for getting me the information I needed to get the job done.

Now onto the other news. As of Christmas I have decided to step away from the microphone once again. To be honest, 2 years ago, I wanted to produce some shows, I got drug into hosting shows again, and honestly it’s not what I want to do. I’ve been on the station for over 18 years since day one that we opened the doors and I just can’t get on the air anymore without a sense of dread. So the live shows are going to be few and far between with me. Last year Arthane and myself had said “Hey we want to do our own Gaming Shows and add them to the network” and every time we’d take two or three steps forward, shit like what you read above would happen and we’d have to fix something that felt like it was sinking. It wasn’t until we started really looking at the numbers on the site, the shoutcast servers, and the social networking pages and we realized even though we aren’t as active as we used to be, the station itself remains active. With my social anxiety, I just can’t get on the air as much as I want to, I have been focusing on FaceBook Gaming & my Twitch series, but this gets distracting from that when it goes down. So I decided as of Christmas to take a step off the air on a more permanent basis, and bring in people who want the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry and become more of a producer/mentor.

This wasnt’ a hard decision, and despite my frustrations with what happened with the website over the past weekend, & the mixed messages. I’m not leaving HatchetRadio in the capacity of “Not being here” but in the capacity of just not being on the air, but rather focusing on my personal projects I have going. In other words, I’m in the back with Trazor & Arthane finally working on the goods. We’ll have some announcements coming in 2021, moving forward with on air talents and taking in some new staff. But until then. Just keep your head up! -Rick O The Terrible

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