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Hey Folks I want to say what’s up and how’s it going?! We have been working on some angles as of late with the social networking side of the network and we do apologize. We haven’t been updating much on here. I want to let you know you can easily just look us up on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, and we’re there. Have been forever. I don’t have really much of any important news as of late to give you guys. I do want you guys to know something however there has been some recent changes and talks going on in HatchetRadio. So let’s start with the questions I have been receiving from you guys as of late concerning the station.


What Happened to the Diablo II Tournament???

Well, long story short, it didn’t exactly fall through, we just kind of sort of had to wait out some situations that got hairy. First we had some FB issues on the Gaming side of the network, Then we had some FB issues on my personal side which has prevented me from using my channel to promote my brand for 30 days(Nothing serious, odd FB Ban for a Lemmy Meme),  then after all that people just kind of got busy with their own thing, families and stuff kind of waiting in the wings. I didn’t put a up a new banner or anything about it until I could cement in everything we were talking about. I was aiming for Jan/Feb but it wound up being probably some time Mid-March as I’m still banned from streaming on Facebook and I don’t want it to carry over to anyone elses freshness. So it’s been pushed back for a bit, but it’s gonna be on. We also are aware of the Blizzard announcement of the Diablo 2 Resurrected and we are totally down with getting that as well. We are going to be working on so much here in the gaming side of things now that I’ll be here for things like that (See Announcement Below).

I am interested in Spinning Music on the Station, How do I go about that?

So we are in talks right now with going to live DJ’s. We aren’t entirely sure yet if we want to go back to that format or not, however we have talked about it recently because we have had this exact question come up. Lets be respectfully & brutally honest. Outside of your OWN brand of content, and relying on using a network. There really isn’t money at all outside of that. So what’s that mean for you guys? Simply put, we’ve been running this station out of pocket for quite some time. We don’t ever ask for donations because it’s what we enjoy doing. We straight up told ourselves we wanted to use The HatchetRadio Network as a platform to promote our favorite music, games, and entertainment all the while self promoting as well. Strange as it seems, it works and it’s fun and it’s kind of what we’ve relaxed down to. Less Drama in my opinion and the opinion of others. So we will have more information for you guys. I know a lot of our older and more experienced staff has gotten in contact with us. I’m not going to name drop at this moment because nothing truly is etched in stone, so not to mislead, or promote something that may never materialize.

I see that JuggaloIRC is back. What’s up with that?

Well to be honest, I can never say never around here. People come and go as they please, and honestly we have to look at the reality of it all. If anyone knows the history of HatchetRadio it’s that it started with JuggaloIRC. One of my best friends and brothers from another mother and myself used to run chatrooms back in the day for other bands chats. Some you may very well know (You can be sure to Archive.org it if you want to), HatchetRadio came from an old fan website called TheSixth. It was Adam, Trey, & Myself. I worked as one of the Journalists there, Milenko500, and had a brief spot on Faygoluvers (Scottie is a great dude, I love the hell out of the guy and with all respects, he knows how much I love him). All the while we supported the chat from JuggaloIRC. Around about 2013, The network was pretty much stagnant, Billy had some life events that he needed to handle that were very important to him, so he sold the network to someone he trusted at the time. We still had a descent relationship despite how everyone else looked at it up until the end, and I was told that I needed to try Discord. We did, it was a terrible idea. We reopened back again in 2016, with a newer layout, and went BACK to JuggaloIRC with the same owner Billy left us with, and the relationship was not the same. No disrespect to the last owner, he was a good dude, and really enjoyed owning the network and taking care of it, but to us it just didn’t fit the site at the time, and we noticed that the platform wasn’t as popular again, so we decided to move.. back to Discord, all the while having a FaceBook Private Chat Open for everyone to view.

So fast forward to 2019. JuggaloIRC folds up, me and Billy had went our separate ways a few years before just because that’s what life does to you sometimes, and we came back together. 2020 bounces in as we’re hanging out, I am looking at our website, and it pops up to check on JuggaloIRC’s availability again, and low and behold, it was for sale once more. So Billy Purchased it and put in the hard work and effort of getting it back up and running once more, how fresh is that? To you guys probably not much, however you can access it via apps. You just have to get in contact with the folks over at JuggaloIRC on Facebook or their website to get connected. However, I wanted to put some things into perspective So we will discuss things in the next topic so there’s transparency for everyone. Billy runs that part of the network. It’s his, he picks up on his channels just like any IRC owner would. When you have chat channels, you have staff. If you are interested in having your own chat registered to you, chat registration is free as, as is the apps to support your local website, again get ahold of the folks at JuggaloIRC (Quick Harmless Plug Ended).

What Happened to Realm Chat??

We decided to just switch it off for the season. Honestly, with the heat and the light bill, it’s a private game server so our friends and family play it from time to time, but really the General Public didn’t have much to do with it so we decided to just keep it up on the site for when we have it up, and leave it off when people don’t want to jump on the Private Game/Chat Server. It became a stress that we didn’t really want to put 24/7 time into with people losing things (passwords) so we kept it down on whatever. We’re pretty happy with the fact we had it running and even though it had it’s slights and bugs, it was still an amazing time. We’ll have it back up and running eventually again some time when the seasons slow down. We’ll have some updates for you guys too.

The Booth?!?

Yes, We have The Booth. I want you guys to know that it’s not just a Radio Station, check out Sinsta1’s radio show. I think you guys need some education. He’s there to school you on the very fine arts of talk radio and social interaction. Keep tuned in, Educate yourself.


Where is Rick O?

I am here. So I want to go into the story a little bit so that we don’t have to cause any drama or name drop or anything, and I can talk to you guys as the real dude instead of the character from above and in the shows you guys have supported me in. I personally have retired from the radio. I cannot do it anymore due to health reasons I’m not going to go too deep into. No, I’m not dying, I just have too much going on that it prevents me from being on the air. I have talked to the staff time and time again about it, and they know that I have a love for this. I do show up on other peoples shows, I do give mad shoutouts to my friends and homies, to everyone out there who gives us love and to people in our lives, but because of the years and years of me doing this (over 21 Network wide and 18 on the air), I felt it was only proper that we send myself away like I came in, quietly. I can tell you the first time we got on air it was myself, Trey, another lady, some random guy who had a setup, and Adam. We were all nervous and we were doing it from college dorms, parents basements, trailer parks, and apartments at 18-23 years old for the most part. It never fails to amaze me the amount of time and effort and love we have put in and received over the years, and without you guys here it wouldn’t have happened, but I felt it was necessary for me to step off the air for quite a few reasons in my life and I felt it was due time that I talked to you guys as a whole about it.

I come from a time where it was really cool to be unique. It wasn’t always the safest environment and it sure didn’t foster creativity without struggle. I myself have been through some crazy events in my life and I can’t even fathom to tell you guys start to finish where it comes from. The types of bands, and the people you garner in your heart and the love for different types of music and unique sounds is something I can honestly say I can take with me to my grave. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t go back for a second and remember good moments, bad moments, sad moments, and all of the things in between. I was talking earlier in the JuggaloIRC news section about involvement, and I decided that it was time that I stepped back from being the star of the show and to promote the music, events, and things that I enjoy on the station along with the others. We have this massive portal that gets a lot of visits just due to the nature of the station, and we dont’ utilize it like we do our social networking, because we have to adhere to their community standards instead of our own. The fact is that I took a step back to our roots and helped Billy reforge the chatroom on the network once more as something for fans to use. I have a lot of issues in my life with being socially awkward so I wont’ be in there as much even though I’m parked in there. If someone leaves me a message I log. We have restrictions of course, but for the most part we have kept it cool in there. The Chat is for the Network & Billy. Not for myself.

I have bad social interactions with people in chatrooms, and on social networking. I got rid of my FaceBook for the most part outside of some friends I talk to on a daily, and I just keep to myself and game anymore. Promote my own brand, and live a simple life. I can’t stress anymore like I did, I’m getting too old for it. So there are going to be some portions that we are going to run and some that we are not. Just know what I’m around here in the back working on something that may or may not work. I have love for you guys. Until then. I’ll talk to you guys later when I have another update to bring.

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