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Hey Folks, How are you all doing today. First off, I want to make a statement really quick as we are moving forward with HatchetRadio’s Network and the things we will be sharing in the future. First off, I want to say that we had to make some tough decisions over the past week due to the fact that we aren’t as busy as we normally would be this time of year (Getting tour dates, booking interviews, getting new music up for you guys etc. etc.), with the infection spreading to communities faster than wildfires. With that, I want to give some sad news. HatchetRadio is moving forward into the future, and sometimes when that happens things become stressful, and work relationships become strained. We here at HatchetRadio would like to thank Leffy for her many, many years of contributions and hardwork she put into booking and helping maintain the Chatrooms, social networking sites, and on air as well with idealisms and sometimes a special glimpse at her talent. She was a great driving force at HatchetRadio and will be missed, We wish her the best of skill in her future endeavors and the best of luck on her awesome dreams and projects that she’s currently involved in. With that being said, we have had some opportunities to talk with each other as a network and will continue to drive. We are going to be doing a reprogramming of our streams in the next month or two to add even more fresh content to the mix, keep you guys entertained and get our autodj back up and running to the best of it’s potential.

The HatchetRadio Gaming Tournament

It went off quite well. We got a lot of good input from the Facebook Gaming Community, did a lot of research, and had a great 4 hour stream. The Stream IS up and available exclusively at HatchetRadio Gaming on Facebook or Rick O the Terrible on Facebook Gaming if you missed out. Unfortunately, we did have some last minute changes to the game as some people had to pull out due to various personal reasons, so we ran 1 team for a Act I run and had an amazing time. We look into continuing this as a group and possibly adding a few more players to the mix. We have also spoken on other various games that we would like to add to the mix. So dont’ think this is a 1 and done deal. It’s moving on.

Live Dj’s Again?

It’s in the works. We haven’t inked out all of the details, however we have made some motion forward with deciding that it would be a good idea again to open up the streams to being live again. The reason we moved away from the platform was, honestly there was just several reasons. Interestingly enough, when social media took over, it was harder to get people who wanted to DJ. Everyone was so focused on personal branding once it became available we just kinda lost touch with a lot of our staff. After a few years we tried to do the live platform again, but it once again failed due to people no-showing their call times, or just them not working out for the Station and moving on to other things. I have made a personal statement that I was for it as long as we could get a good staff who would be willing to put some time in on air and keep you folks entertained. We are currently working on the framework for that, we have the technology, it’s always been there, it’s just finding good, reliable people who are willing and eager to do something they enjoy. So we will be making a major announcement during the Summer as to when we will be starting our Live DJ’s, as well as a way for folks who are interested to get tryouts on air to see if they would fit our mold. Stay tuned on that one.


Rick O Retired?

Yes, I retired from Live on Air activities to focus on my own brand and to give opportunities to others. I’ve been the longest running live staff member here, as well as co-owner of the Station and network. Life handed me some medical issues and I’m not capable of being on air much anymore due to them, and I’d like to leave it at that. I’ve done broadcasting for 18 years, and I felt it was good to sit back and start working on the things that we as a whole have put on the back burner. Now things are moving slowly but moving again, so yes, I’m Semi-Retired. You might see me on someone elses show, or on Facebook Live or Gaming, but I don’t run the 1’s and 2’s anymore.


Is that the Old School Chatroom?

YES! It very well is owned by the old school owners! JuggaloIRC had always been a staple to HR. We took it down a few years ago because it fell under new ownership, lacked growth and experience. We felt the platform was archaic, and we moved onto Discord. Whoops. Big mistake, as Discord has a slew of it’s own issues client side (Lockups, hang ups, resource leaks & often crashes), so once JuggaloIRC fell under the DeadBilly once more, we decided to bring it back up and operational. It IS available through the Java chat on the website or through any IRC Clients (irc.juggaloirc.net  +6697 (Make sure SSL is enabled) Channel #hatchetradio), the even better news is that JuggaloIRC is able to now build YOU a custom chatroom for your very own website. Contact them over at JuggaloIRC.Net.

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