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Month: May 2021

Hey folks, wanted to shout out real quick. I know we had an issue with the tune in links being intermittent as of the last month. The matter has been resolved as it was an internal issue with our software upgrades. Links had to be changed for those of you who tune in via the […]

Hey what’s up folks! Quick update. Auto-DJ has been updated for the next 30 days. We have you guys programmed out. We also added a new Feature called “Game Realm” It’s for Windows Users who want to do a little more for a little less. Follow the instructions and enjoy!

So lets get some updates going will we? I know I’ve been on radio silence for a little over a month so I figured I would throw you guys a nice little update for those who still pop in and out. For those of you who are wondering what has happened, why’s there so much […]