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Written by on May 10, 2021

So lets get some updates going will we? I know I’ve been on radio silence for a little over a month so I figured I would throw you guys a nice little update for those who still pop in and out. For those of you who are wondering what has happened, why’s there so much shuffling. So lets address them one at a time.

Arthane’s Leave of Absence

Arthane(Adam) took leave about 2 months ago, just work related stuff, him keeping himself busy around the house and just moving forward with everything he possibly could. This was something he just couldn’t juggle at the moment but he’ll be back. We’re still answering questions when we get them on our Social Network Portals, but it’s just myself and Trazor.

Where did Leffy Go?

I had to have a discussion with myself on this one, We had decided just to run the station between us just due to the fact that our industry has become really relaxed, no tours, not a lot of movement in our area. Just a lot of in studio podcasts, so that kind of put our exclusivity out on the curb for a while. Over the years we’ve worked to promote thousands of artists, but self promotion is the biggest, and people are starting to get caught up with Technology. A few years back we saw the times changing and the rough weather ahead, so we started to move forward with the project, and fortunately personally for Wendy, her family started to blossom and her life started getting more and more busy. So it was one of those somber moments where, I had to literally one of the closest people to me that we had to close down to everyone who wasn’t ownership because we just don’t have stories, promotions, or any of the sort other than the music that we are handed by artists on a peer to peer basis. Despite the rumors that might be going on in the winds, there wasn’t any static, I wish her well on all of her future endeavors and I know she’s going to be rocking at whatever it is she decides to pick up when she has the moments to do so, and to be honest, she’s the last person we had left on staff who wasn’t ownership, and that’s really hard to say, considering we’ve all volunteered to do this for 18 years. It’s just some times with the way traffic is, not everything is booming.

What happened to the Rick O Show?

I personally cancelled it. I had a lot of FaceBook issues with Transparency during the Monetization portion of my show. A few weeks after I had gotten into The Level Up Gamers Program for FaceBook things started getting really really insane for my page. I was getting flagged for things that weren’t even against TOS, or was deamed “Offensive Material”. So after getting it all situated, cleaning up the things that needed to be cleaned up, I was eligible once more. So I did exactly what I was supposed to. They flagged The Booth Show that Sinista1 and myself did as “Unmonetized & Unoriginal Content” which in turn put my entire page that I had worked my ass off for over a fucking year into a “Non-Monetizable” Category. . Quite fucked if you asked me. So I decided to move to Twitch, and in the move just became really disenchanted with the idea for the moment. I decided to get involved in another project I had on the burner next to it a bit more since I had the free time now, and that’s where I decided to coast my ass.

Do you Plan on Having any Live DJ Shows This Summer?

If we can get together with some of the old DJ’s I don’t see why not. We had planned on opening up the streams to the Old DJ’s once more, but again COVID-19 Struck a nerve with the world and it shut everything down and we lost contact somewhere around Fall of 2020, and it’s been hit and miss for a lot of folks. I would personally like to do a Show this summer myself. Just maybe a one on. Something old school and fun. But I want to also see if we can get involvement from some of the older staff or pick up a new person but it’s hard saying. We refresh the AutoDJ monthly and any time we get submission’s they are added to rotation, so we will address that for sure over here.

How was the Gaming Tournament?

Freaking AMAZING! We had a blast, We pulled in about 150 viewers at one point and we just had an amazing amount of time with it. We aim to do more stuff like that in the future if we can involve more of the staff. It was a real hats off, and even though it didn’t go as planned it still made for an even more fun and adventurous Sunday. We hope to do more in the future. BIG UPS to Coursin, Laz, DeadBilly, Dennis, & Sinista1 for showing up and showing out. We aim to again, have more fun.

Do we still have a chat?

Yes. JuggaloIRC is listed above you can chat there for free no cost. Reopened fall of last year, it’s the old school IRC chat. So you’ll probably not see any familiar faces since everyone is on Mobile however you can get a Mobile IRC client on Android or IOS. I recommend it if you want to use it. DeadBilly is running the chat, I’m just there so I don’t get fined.

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