HatchetRadio News Letter 6-22-21

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So there has been some mad speculation as to my whereabouts as of recently and what’s been going on in the back end of HatchetRadio. I feel that I guess I need to address it? <-Yes that's a question mark. So we always have inactive times. Have for the entire time we have been running the show. With Covid-19 shutting the world down for the most part, it made it harder for us to cover things that we as a group would normally cover. The Booth Ran on HatchetRadio by itself via it's Facebook Page & The HatchetRadio Network page. We took part in a major pursuit as Facebook Gaming Groups were getting off the ground and we decided to try to make a run with that personally as well. Each one of us developed our own model and well to be quite frankly, with all the non-transparent shit that Facebook decided to toss at us. I kind of felt like it was a no-brainer to can it. I made a personal appearance on The Booth, for a very good show with a hard topic, and afterwards my Facebook page was suspended, so I just took some time away and decided to do what any nerd like myself would do and just work on some Dungeons & Dragons stuff. I know right, feel that nerd culture. So to make a long story short, I decided that it was best to just have it as the management running the show until things started to pick back up with the touring over the later parts of summer & fall. It wasn't a dig to anyone, we just kind of needed our own space for a minute to decide where to go from the pandemic. This was my decision mostly as I felt we weren't active other than through the management, and with all of the Facebook hacking going through, it's harder to keep things secure. It's not like we have gone away. The Radio is still programmed monthly, we still talk, Sinista1 & The Booth are still hammering away topics on their respective Facebook Pages. It's just I have social anxiety, and it takes a bit more for me to get on the air these days, so I'm a bit more laid back and working on things for myself and in the background. Much easier. I took a persons advice and just did what was better. Anyways folks Hope you guys understand. Until then I'm out(And NO I'm Not Leaving Out!)

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