Month: August 2021


20 August 2021

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Out and About

Hey What’s Shaking Folks! It’s Rick O Coming at you with the return!!! I’m a couple of days early, but we might as well get this party started. No I didn’t “Go Away” I just took some time off to heal up from the things life has thrown at me, ...

14 August 2021

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We Support Your Rights

I figured I wanted to make a statement in front of the friends and fans of HatchetRadio about how I personally feel. My statements do not reflect any one else on HatchetRadio’s as this article is personally to our fans from me, so don’t hold anyone else accountable for my ...

09 August 2021

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Mostly Faded but Never Duplicated.

So the rumors are true as is everything you guys have been hearing on the social networking and the buzz around the web is that “We’re Back”. I assure you with this that we actually never even left to begin with.  The buzz started with a certain fan site stating ...

06 August 2021

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I Assure You We Are Open!

Hey What’s Shaking Folks, You Dusty Old ass Fossil Rick O chillin out here for a good minute letting you guys know we have some up coming events available within the next month or so going on. If you head on over to our FaceBook Page or our Network Page you can ...

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