I Assure You We Are Open!

Posted By: Rick-O On:

Hey What’s Shaking Folks, You Dusty Old ass Fossil Rick O chillin out here for a good minute letting you guys know we have some up coming events available within the next month or so going on. If you head on over to our FaceBook Page or our Network Page you can keep up to date with what’s going on. We have some Shows we’ve got going on over there with Sashadoll, We have TheBooth with Sinista1 going on, and Live EXCLUSIVELY on HatchetRadio’s Airwaves.. I will be returning for a show on 8-22-21 kicking it a little bit old school for my pops birthday (RIP Dad). So unless you’ve been living under a rock We didn’t go nowhere. We’re still killing the airwaves here with the programming and we’ll keep you guys up to date. Also hit up the chatroom if you’re bored <3 Rick O

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