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So the rumors are true as is everything you guys have been hearing on the social networking and the buzz around the web is that “We’re Back”. I assure you with this that we actually never even left to begin with.  The buzz started with a certain fan site stating that we were defunct a couple of years back, and Scottie D and his crew could have been anything less than accurate. We didn’t leave, nor did we leave the underground. We expanded it to cover multitudes of information and used the site of course as a portal. It was a pretty horrible stab at our hearts when we heard that shit, as well as a few other things that were going around that were totally untrue. First off, None of us went off the deep end, well maybe I did for a bit but that’s my own personal mental health issues that bubble up from my social anxiety, but Arthane, Trazor, Sinista1, & The Guys @ The Booth put it down for us and kept us afloat while things were seemingly crazy. Now I’m not gonna be anywhere near the amount of astute as other websites we have promoted in the past, but I will say this much. We’ve been around for 18+ years now, and the writing on the wall is evident that we’re not going anywhere any time soon So Please don’t believe any of that hype. I’m writing you fans this letter personally because I felt that the blatant lack of respect for us given to us by these fan sites has done nothing but made our resolve a bit stronger when it comes to saying that they don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to HatchetRadio.

The next part is going to be gritty and it’s not meant to alienate any of our fans for sure, but I personally want to clear up the air about the Psychopathic Diss that was on a Gathering Sampler about the song that was written for HatchetRadio by Violent J. I was there in AOL Chat with NinjaTab when that shit was written. I received a Digital Copy immediately and a Physical Copy came in the mail a few weeks later, and not only we were in shock, but we were also capable of now cementing the fact that we were the #1 (And now Only) Underground Radio station on the Internet that dashes horrorcore with every core. I personally have reached out to Insane Clown Posse & Psychopathic Records via E-mail & Phone call only to either be hung up on, or unanswered when we were asking for Live interviews, Tour Information, and trying to get you folks exclusives. Meanwhile, we never had ANY issues with any other artists outside of that label including Suburban Noize, Tech N9ne and his crew, and later interviews we did with Indie Republic Network with Fighters, Football Players, & Basketball Players for the sports shows. So once we had realized that we weren’t as held in such high regard we just took a break from trying to book Psychopathic  Artists for interviews. Later on that year I was approached by their new webmaster in such a shitty way that I took mad offense to the mother fucker who ran the place back in 2008. The only reason he came at me the way he did was so that they could ask how we did it so they could get WFuckOff Radio running. We were also approached with a price on buying HatchetRadio which we respectfully declined because according to their webmaster they wanted to own the name, and bounce off of what we had built, which in our eyes was unfair to the artists we have been promoting through our entire existence and to the staff who at the time was about 20+ DJ’s and a bunch more Admins. I only gave their webmaster some advice on what we used as far as Software, and suddenly within a few months they opened their radio station, and we were told that all their artists were now exclusive to WFuckOff. That demoralized our staff, when we were shut out from them because they all wanted to work with Psychopathic and at the time their many brilliant artists who were putting out good quality content music for their fans. So rather than shut down we evolved and networked with other stations who were likeminded and had great talent which focused the shows around THE STAFF and their talent, NOT just the artist.

In doing so it fed our style of Music, our staff to a whole much more wide open accessible audience who just in love with the talent we had debuted on the Syndicated Network. It allowed for artists to get a much better delivery and allowed us to utilize Social Networking Venues to promote our shows, which was what we had hoped and dreamed for, but not everything lasts. Shortly afterwards, some folks went to the way side with life and personal issues, others stuck around, but ultimately we did decide to go fully automated as far as our DJ system was concerned because that was less stressful on the staff to man, and it gave us better security features we didn’t have before the new systems were put out by our providers. In other words we evolved with the world rather than keeping ahead of it because we just didn’t have the resources that much larger AM/FM and Public Networks have. So we had to go with that. It was also less stressful keeping up with booking shows, and unfortunately DID eliminate some of the positions that were held in our station, and literally made the Station capable of only a handful of staff to run it because it was all that was needed. Cellular Technology integrated into the web with smart Phones, Social Networking Sites Matured and finally became “Communities” and started implementing their own standards that superseded International Treaties, Laws & Regulatory Statutes because they didn’t want to catch lawsuits over copyright Material, or be held liable for someone’s free speech which we not only hold dear here at HatchetRadio but in the Country of the United States. With that being said we couldn’t fully put DJs on the air LIVE on FaceBook or Youtube without catching a Copyright Violation, even though for the most part, we had exclusive permission from the artist, label or even creator of the content to utilize at both parties discretions. So again, it became harder to keep interest of even our Former Staff who no longer operated Desktop or Laptop Technology but instead Mobile Tech, and then there was the issue with Quality of the streams, How people’s voices sounded on air and all that jazz that we had to step up on from our Dial-Up Days.

We explain this to you because things changed on us too in ways we didn’t expect them to. After all we fought so hard to keep this up and running for so many years, why would we close it down? That would be mad, after literally the millions of hours we’ve been running and operational and 10’s of millions of fans across the US and even more world wide that we delivered to. Malarkey I say! So again I assure you we are open and we have some things coming up later in the fall to show you guys that we are absolutely going to run this shit so deep in the coming months that you will be entertained. We will once again be having a few live shows on air. Starting with my own coming up later on this month, and we will be adding them as staff comes into play. I want you folks again to understand that this hasn’t been the easiest decisions for a lot of us to make over the years, but it was the best to keep us going. Thank you guys for reading this long winded shit, and again have a good one. – Rick O

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