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Written by on August 20, 2021

Hey What’s Shaking Folks! It’s Rick O Coming at you with the return!!! I’m a couple of days early, but we might as well get this party started. No I didn’t “Go Away” I just took some time off to heal up from the things life has thrown at me, but we’re all good. We have done a little bit of layout work to the framework here, We added JuggaloIRC for all of our old school chatroom homeys to join in, as well as modernized and revamped our Discord Chatroom which our homey Juggz helped establish a while back. We’ve noticed a few people coming into JuggaloIRC lately and joking about it, and that’s fine, ya’ll aint’ in the loop obviously and don’t pay attention to our social media pages but that’s ok! Joke all you want, we provide these things for ya’ll just because. You don’t have to register to use the site but it does help out with some functionality here and there. We’ll be continuing forward with information on our social media links and keeping you guys posted of any changes on here as well. If you have any questions comments or concerns you can simply contact us. Until then Have a fresh one. – Rick O

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