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Sorry about the Downtime

Written by on October 30, 2021

What’s shaking people! Had some issues this weekend that I needed to take care of. I had to change a few things on the website and post some updates for some files we were lacking to get the site optimized as well as check all of the junk e-mails out of the system we’ve recieved.. Trust me they were trying to get us to buy dog sex pills which I’m pretty sure my dog doesn’t need considering he’s too old for that shit, then update the playlists for the station. Nothing big, but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do and I figured I’d pop in on my day off and get it done, didn’t now how long the system would take, which only took about an hour. My bad. I know there were some people who hit me up over the week and was like OMFG, but when you have these types of meta-updates you wanna ensure they go by flawlessly without someone tinkering with shit on the main, so that’s what I chose to do. We’re back up now, so don’t fret. I removed the FaceBook Contact link because it was being literally flooded by Dog Sex Pills and people who couldn’t give us their real names as they were trying to get in contact with us for various reasons and it was flooding the shit out of me. So when you have nice things, fucking take em away when assholes try to abuse em.

If you are an artist or a manager trying to get in contact with us with a hot tip, Simply use the Contact Us Form. Fill out the information. We don’t take phone calls and we don’t give out our personal information like where we are from, how long we have been doing this. We simply reply by e-mail and if you can’t get off your lazy ass and do that, we don’t care to reply. We are a private Radio station open to the public. By Private we mean, We do this because we like to not cuz we get paid to, so deal with it. You want some news head on over to Faygoluvers or JuggaloNews, or hit up our social networking page over on FaceBook. We just update you here, and provide something to listen to and have since 2003. Don’t expect us to be nice to you if you dredge up our personal pages and then contact us there. We don’t know you from Adam & Eve.

Last thing I want to drop is the fact that we are not dead, we’re still running, we just have busy lives, families, wives, and other things we have to do besides muddle around the web. Trust me when I say this, I’d much rather be gaming than typing this bullshit out, but we gotta make appearances from time to time or other places call us dead/defunct which we surely are not. Until next time kiddos.. =–Rick O

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