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Welcome to the Mayhem & Other News

Written by on November 29, 2021

Hey what’s up Folks! It’s Rick O the Terrible Here from the HatchetRadio Network, giving you guys a bit of an update. We have managed to pick up an amazing talent here on HatchetRadio, finally, Sayjin “Mayhem” Tyler will be joining the ranks! His Profile and information is on his bio if you are looking for some work to be done by a pro in the production area. He’s got the hook up. We also would like to welcome back our homegirl Sashadoll back to HatchetRadio’s Profile as well. We had to take down the site last year and we underwent a few moves during “The Vid” and now she’s got her own show running on the Sashadoll FaceBook page. So Tune into that as well. Keep informed.

The other news I wanted to drop is that we have removed site registration as an option. Yes it’s a link, and we’ll turn it on when need be, but otherwise we’re tired of the fake accounts trying to flood us and our e-mails. It gets old as fuck having to delete fake profiles. Besides we dont’ require registration for you to be a part of our page. So it’s kind of a useless feature for us to have. I just thought I’d let you folks know.

Finally, A couple of months ago Facebook went down. IF you’re looking for a place to chill we have an old school Java Chat IRC Network available from JuggaloIRC. You can hit that up any time there’s folks that troll in there and it’ll keep you busy. If you need to connect via an app there’s ways to do it explained on JuggaloIRC’s website. So enjoy!

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