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D12 or “The Dirty Dozen” is a Michigan based Rap group consisting of Eminem, Proof, Bizarre, Mr. Porter, Kuniva, & Swifty McVay, Bugz, Fuzz Scoota, which formed in 1996 releasing Underground EP’s and Mixtapes all throughout Detroit and the surrounding cities. In May of 1999, Band member Bugz was killed at a picnic over a watergun fight which resulted in the assailant going to his vehicle, shooting Bugz multiple times before running him over with his vehicle, all in which was caught on the local news station and aired throughout the country. As one of Bugz final acts, he made sure that Swift was added to the line up, and in honor of his fallen friend, Eminem rejoined the group to replace Bugz. Bugz album “Mr. Obnoxious”, was released posthumously in 2000. The group went on to deliver 2 solid albums “Devils Night”(2001) and “D12 World”(2004).

In 2006, Proof was shot to death in a Night Club in Detroit following an argument over a game of pool. Allegedly, Proof had killed Keith Bender Jr. during an argument over the game, and was killed by his cousin, Mario Ethridge. Proof was unfortunately pronounced Dead on Arrival at the hospital. This lead to a slew of issues with the band releasing it’s 3rd Album, Swift was arrested for Failing to Appear due to being a Paulbearer at Proofs funeral which resulted in a jail sentence, and with Eminem being busy on his upcoming album “Relapse”. It only marked for the decline and ultimate break up of the Motor City rap group.



“Devils Night”(2001)

“D12 World”(2004)

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