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Former Horrorcore Now Turned Christian Rapper Marz originated in the band Ministry before starting his own band, Marz. After Touring with Insane Clown Posse & Psychopathic Records, they formed the super group “Dark Lotus” as Marz was an original member of, before being removed from the band over some creative disagreements and replaced with Anybody Killa. As of today Marz goes by the artist name “John Brown” in which he released his first Christian Album “Revelations”.


  • Lung Fu Mo She LP (2000) E-Magine/Disco Kills
  • Gorilla Pimpin LP (2003)
  • TGZ Nation: The Mixtape(2004)
  • Against All Odds LP (2005)
  • Marz Presents Grind Music The Movement (2007)
  • Grind Music 2.0 (2008)
  • Marz Presents 99 Riches feat The Block Ceos (2008)
  • Marz Presents Billion Dollar Ballers-Candy Days(2010)
  • John “MARZ” Brown – Revelations (2012)
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