Veana Marie

American // Massachusetts



If I can only live one time then the goal here is to shine become refined while i try and define the world in time will tell if I’ll get through hell break free of the spell turn my back and rebel….

Veana Marie was born and raised in Mass. She started really early on singing in church and writing poetry. She studied music at Barnstable Highschool and was then accepted to Berklee School of music.

Finding that she wanted to be more hands on, Veana left Berklee and started working for a small local record label out of Boston where she recorded and wrote music and scouted for talented musicians and singers.

Putting her music career on hold to have a family, Veana never stopped writing so she finished and released her first mixtape entitled The Heat is Calling in 2012.

December 2014 Veana released a compilation album entitled In My Element and featured some new material and re masters of a few songs from The Heat Is Calling.

In 2016 Veana released 2 free singles about the epidemic on drug addiction called Dying Slow and issues of police brutality and bullying with Scarlett Letter.

Another mixtape was released in August 2017 entitled All A Masquerade and  had guest artists and producers contributing their talents from all over the country. Veana is also collaborating with Eterniti Everlasting on a new project entitled EnV en•vy. Release date TBA

August of 2018, Veana dropped her SECOND original Mixtape entitled Straight Outta These Lips, which was RE RELEASED on Dat Piff In October 2019 and in November 2018 she released her FIRST OFFICIAL EP Vee by Veana Marie available on all major media streaming sites….

December 2020 will also bring you a holiday compilation album entitled Pure Joy.

A total transformation has happened so be a part of something big. 😀


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