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16 November 2020

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As you were!

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled program! We have gotten  most of our major sections up, including the return of the JuggaloIRC Network (MIRC!) for all of you old schoolers who enjoyed sitting back for a chat and having a good time. We also have RealmChat up which is our ...

14 November 2020

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Podcast Insanity!

What’s up Fans! We got some more podcasts up, Some for The Main Event Show, Some for the Final Round Sports Show, & MSLB’s Traphouse Rocks Show. I highly suggest you fans give them a listen. They will load through our web-player once you hit play on them. I think ...

13 November 2020

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Work Work Work

Hey what’s shaking you bunch of flunkies, it’s your boy Rick O coming at you guys with some not-so-much news, but more of a letter. I think it’s safe to say that 18 years ago, 3 guys came together and formed an awesome bond over the love of Indie Music. ...

10 November 2020

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Today is the day!

What is up! I haven’t talked to you guys in a minute other than to discuss a few things that we’re doing to the website for 2021. We decided to do the layout in the open for once instead of locking the site down with some form of crap ass ...

09 November 2020

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The Reason for the Season is Pleasin’

Hey there folks, it’s your least favorite poster and home skillet, Rick O Coming at you guys as much needed. So where’s the stuff? Well we’ve got some updates and news to bring to you guys as I did over at the HatchetRadio Network Facebook Page (Which will soon be ...

30 October 2020

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2021 & More

Hey what’s shaking ya’ll, No we’re not going away, we ran into a bit of a mishap last week with the website. The theme we had was no longer supported by our management system, so our management system took a crap and we’re going to be remodelling soon anyways like ...

29 October 2020

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Content Update

New content will be added soon. Please be patient while we switch everything over to the new website. You will have to re register again.

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