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Hey folks! Sorry about the jam, we’ve been working like crazy to get the layout up and readd our content. We had a few issues with our player when we swapped over to the new host, so we just did a new layout for you guys. The Podcast Section has been updated with the right […]

Hey what’s shaking fans, Rick O Here coming at you with a bit of some news. So I wanted to be kind of candid about the situation at hand. We experienced some down time a couple of weeks ago due to some stream hosting changes. Nobody at fault, it’s just the company we were with […]

Hey Folks, wanted to check back with you guys, we have some news to announce, it’s mostly back end but, HatchetRadio will be experiencing some downtime on the station due to hosting issues with our radio streams. So to be straight forward about it, we’ve been with the same host for around 5 or 6 […]

Topics for the night… *A BIG THANKS to last week’s Special Guests – No Guest News Booth *Youth Football Coach Derek Sheehan of Norwell was sentenced to 45 Years filming and sexually abusing 11–12-year-old children *Non-Lethal Byrna Handgun & Rifle makes a BIG push to police departments, homeowners & business owners *Dana White becomes the […]

Hey what’s up Folks! It’s Rick O the Terrible Here from the HatchetRadio Network, giving you guys a bit of an update. We have managed to pick up an amazing talent here on HatchetRadio, finally, Sayjin “Mayhem” Tyler will be joining the ranks! His Profile and information is on his bio if you are looking […]

Topics for the night… A BIG Thanks to Amber Smith & Travis Partington for Saturday night’s News Booth *Amazon Fresh to open 1st grocery store in Saugus MA *Waukesha Christmas Parade Tragedy leaves 5 Dead & 48 Injured *Brian Laundrie a suspect in Gabby Petito’s death has now been ruled a suicide Legal Booth *MA […]

Topics for the night… *A BIG THANKS to last week’s Special Guests Comedian Kyndra Crump & Ron Drago of MetFit! News Booth *Michelle Wu sworn in as Boston’s 1st Mayor of Color *Container Shipping Company Maersk clocks in billion dollar profits the highest ever in their 117 years of business Legal Booth *Kyle Rittenhouse picks […]

What’s shaking people! Had some issues this weekend that I needed to take care of. I had to change a few things on the website and post some updates for some files we were lacking to get the site optimized as well as check all of the junk e-mails out of the system we’ve recieved.. […]

So we wanted to extend out a letter to you guys who frequent the website. I know it seems dead here and believe me we tend to be more active on our social networking pages. We ask that if you want to keep up to date with us you just like HatchetRadio Network Page which […]


August 20, 2021

Hey What’s Shaking Folks! It’s Rick O Coming at you with the return!!! I’m a couple of days early, but we might as well get this party started. No I didn’t “Go Away” I just took some time off to heal up from the things life has thrown at me, but we’re all good. We […]