09 November 2020

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The Reason for the Season is Pleasin’

Hey there folks, it’s your least favorite poster and home skillet, Rick O Coming at you guys as much needed. So where’s the stuff? Well we’ve got some updates and news to bring to you guys as I did over at the HatchetRadio Network Facebook Page (Which will soon be ...

06 November 2020

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More Content Added

More content has been added. I also switched over to a new theme yet again. You can now join our discord by CLICKING HERE. Don’t forget to drop in and say what’s up!! A new section is being added called “Featured Artist” if you would like to be listed email ...

30 October 2020

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2021 & More

Hey what’s shaking ya’ll, No we’re not going away, we ran into a bit of a mishap last week with the website. The theme we had was no longer supported by our management system, so our management system took a crap and we’re going to be remodelling soon anyways like ...

29 October 2020

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Content Update

New content will be added soon. Please be patient while we switch everything over to the new website. You will have to re register again.

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