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Name: Billy “DeadBilly” Knight
Position: Network Engineer, Co-Founder of JuggaloIRC, Programmer, DJ, Gamer
Location: Kentucky
Years On Network: 21+

Shows: 3 Wise Men (Host), SheepF*cker(Host), DeadBilly Presents (Host), HatchetRadio Gamers (Host), The Rick O Show (Special Guest), Fresh Girls F*ckshop(Special Guest)
Contact Info: n/a
Links: JuggaloIRC
About: The man.. The myth… The Legend. Billy’s work on the Network has been highly valued and necessary to facilitate our network. Prior to social Networking Billy was responsible for maintaining the upkeep on the legendary JuggaloIRC Internet Relay Chat Network which hosted Chats for HatchetRadio, Twiztid, Kottonmouth Kings, and Insane Clown Posse’s website for over 8 years before social media closed down many formats. The Chat Network at the time this was written will be available soon. Billy is a fan of horror movies, music, and has an outstanding collection of horror memorabilia and extremely odd nicknacks.