Name: Wendy “Leffy” Thomas
Position: Scheduling Coordinator, Hiring Manager, Social Network Engineer, On Air Talent/DJ
Location: Georgia (Yonder)
Years On Network: 13

Shows: The Main Event Show (Co-Host), The Final Round Sports Show (Co-Host), Redwood & The Wolf (Special Guest)
Contact Info: n/a
Links: n/a
About: Wendy has been the most efficient scheduling coordinator and hiring manager HatchetRadio ever had during it’s live days. Without her hardwork keeping the schedule up to date, the staff would have been in disarray. Her ability to keep a cool head during stressful times, helped out during interviews when stress levels were very high. Her on air presence was felt in 2009 when she made her network Debuts on The Main Event Show with MasterWillz, Rick O, & Chief187. Although short lived, her on air career was absolutely important to the early developments of HatchetRadio’s Network.   Her Hobbies include Raising Farm Animals, Camping, and other Southern Travel hobbies.

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