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Welcome to the New HatchetRadio

Written by on April 6, 2019

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, Children of all Ages!! Welcome BACK to HatchetRadio’s Network!!! I am Your Host Rick O. Coming at you guys live I am so glad you have you, have a seat, and lets do something entertaining. First off, I want to thank YOU the fans for showing up to this incredible launch. I have been chomping at the bit keeping this quiet as much as possible outside of the staff. So first off let me tell you the incredible adventure getting here.. So we have to start about 2 years ago when we started putting the ideas together for a relaunch. At the time I was working with a large Synidcated Network that handles… well another HUGE Sports Network that we won’t name here. I missed HatchetRadio, However with the Loss of Dad (Who is my Real Dad), we all kind of lost our way. Dad was the glue that held the Station together with this love & kindness and quick wit, wasn’t a person in the chat that didn’t love him. Losing him took the wind right out of everyone sails in 2014. Fast forward to 2017, We’re making moves, testing different things out, Poltageist & Jinxii (Ashley) were fixing to start a show up, and just a bunch of things happened to all of us that threw us off course.. Come back to 2018, We start implementing some small things to get this off the ground.. and unfortunately 2018 was possibly the worst year for us, Jinxii passed away, Woody Passed Away and that was 2 consecutive hard blows to us as a station. So I took some time to get my head together over losses.. and with what I had left before I had a episodic mental break down.. We pulled it all together as a team. None of this would have been possible without Adam(T9X), Juggz, Bloodskin, Leffy, Freakshow, Stewieh, DeadBilly, & countless others who put their time and effort into the station and into their specific talents. So a month ago I damned near died during an episode, depression took over, I lost 60lbs and was experiencing organ failure.. but that shit STILL didn’t stop me from help drive this big ass station. So where do we go from here? We’re back.. That’s where we are.. So for all of you who are expecting something miraculous.. Ya.. it just happened. Welcome to the new Era of HatchetRadio… The HatchetRadio Network.. -Rick O

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