Crypto Space Commander: A space MMO. N00B’s thought review

Written by on August 17, 2019

Let me start off my saying this game is in alpha and getting ready to launch on Steam for ten dollars USD. My review is based off of my game play and my interaction with the discord community. This my thoughts and what i have seen. I am still playing and getting the down and dirty.

CSC is quite the fun game for a alpha game. The dev are quick to fix bugs when the players find them. The staff respond when a new player asks for help figuring out parts of the game or quick fixs. I was one quick to ask. There is light PVP and PVE. For the most part you mine and mine and mine. The vibe the game gives you is what would happen if you mixed EVE online and Star trek online. lucid sight acquired license right from star trek for ship and or more.

Lets move on to the in/out of game market. As of right now there is no in game market but the are working on it. Being the CSC is a crypto game most all of it is based off of blockchain. What ever you own in game can be minted and sold for Crypto and right now that is ethereum or ETH. Most sales are done on a market place for most Crypto games. Like most games CSC does have “Loot Crates” that can be bought with USD,GFC or ETH. In the crates you can find Modules or ships. with my luck i have not seen any ships only modules. i was lucky i was given a upgraded ship as i was streaming on The market prices are based off of the players and what they feel that there goods are worth. I and i am stating I N00B feel that once this game is full release that most of the market will be based of the bigger guilds in the game its self.

With that being said this is a pay to win game even tho lucid sight as stated other wise. Im a firm believer that s/he with the bigger sword wins. In this case it comes down to how much money you are willing to put in to the game. All the best ships for the game that would give you a fighting chance are from .5 eth to 24 eth. To brake that down that is as of right now 92.25$ to 4428.24$ usd.thats just the ships and when you loss you ship un less it is a FF first fleet your ship is gone forever. For a FF ship your looking at paying 2.9 to 124.24 eth or 535.08 to 22923.52$ USD. First fleet ships you can not lose.

On to guilds. Like any game you always have that one guild thats so big they run and own damn near everything. then you have ther rest of them. As of right now Guilds are a discord only thing there is nothing set up ingame for them. They are working on it so there is not much to report on about it. other than i see some funny things going on and i am doing my reserch on it and then i will report on it.

To end my thought Review. Do i see my self playing this game for a few years? I dont know it depends on how the guilds work out and how the market plays out. will i recommended this game to others? As of right now i would only do so if it was a hard core gamer or to someone in to space games. Do i think this game will be the next big thing? A crypto game on this scale just might, Its fun its a time killer and if you do it right you can bank some money not in game money but money money. so if you want to do your own reserch just go to and if you do look me up.

and if you do look me up.

                    the syndicate  is real and they are coming.

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